Parker was then found adrift off the shore of the Republic of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Mia was helpless as Eveline killed Alan and subsequently infected her. He is briefly a playable character while filming Peter. Mia is the spouse of Ethan Winters, the main character in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Jack Baker is one of the primary antagonists of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Hired to mitigate the company's efforts to contain the T-Virus outbreak, he murders research staff and tries to gain and destroy a virus vaccine. If they kill me, Sir Spencer will be the only person that knows the secret." After apparently dying during a fight with Kennedy, Krauser appears as a boss in the "Assignment: Ada" scenario, and is killed once and for all by Ada in the "Separate Ways" scenario. Katherine Warren is the daughter of Raccoon City's Mayor, Michael Warren. HUNK ainda aparece mencionado em um epílogo de Resident Evil 3, no arquivo, o piloto do helicóptero que resgatou-o após a missão de recuperação da amostra do G-Vírus, comenta o feito de HUNK, dizendo que mais uma vez somente ele sobreviveu, “A morte não pode morrer…” disse o piloto, provocando um tímido sorriso no soldado. He escapes from his cell during the viral outbreak. [43] In 2012, IGN ranked the transformed Birkin as the second best boss in the series, calling him "a terrible abomination - one that is not easily forgotten."[44]. Last Edited: 31 Jan 2019 11:26 am. In 2009, IGN ranked her as the series' most fearsome villain.[40]. Soon its stock prices crashed and for all intents and purposes Umbrella was finished." During their journey they discover the village has suffered an outbreak of the T-virus,[76] and encounter Manuela Hidalgo, who has been infected with the T-Veronica virus, Krauser also learns of Wesker and Umbrella's conspiracy. Jack (almost unrecognizable now) stalks his brother Joe while he tries to find a cure for Zoe. He was later taken by Albert Wesker due to the T-Veronica virus in his body, and also hinted that he might come back to life. She was also the person who attached Ethan's severed hand back on after his wife Mia had cut it off, when she temporarily turned crazy. By Tamoor Hussain on January 21, 2021 at 2:14PM PST In "Nightmare", Clancy is forced to contend with seemingly endless waves of Molded throughout a night, eventually facing Jack in combat. A non-canonical account, Daniel battles a large number of enemies in a gas station until he can be rescued.[90]. videogame_asset My games. Confronted at the very beginning of the game by Duvall, he is saved by Chinese secret agent Fong Ling who throws a grenade at Morpheus (regardless of Bruce's life), seriously wounding the terrorist. Deborah Harper is the younger sister of Helena Harper. Her father has been transformed into a monstrous creature by the G-virus and infects her, but Claire gives Sherry an anti-virus, which prevents her from mutating. codenamed "E-001", Eveline is a genetically enhanced human created by a mysterious group called "The Connections" with the help from H.C.F (one of the companies owned by Albert Wesker) by fusing a Progenitor-enhanced fungus called Mutamycete into her genome during embryonic stage. During the course of the game, it is revealed that he was blackmailed into betraying his teammates by Albert Wesker, who threatened to harm his family if he refused. Jake Muller appears as one of three main protagonists in Resident Evil 6. In an early draft of the story, Mikhail was originally scripted to be Nicholai's older brother, hence their common nationality and close ages (his original name was Mikhail Ginovaef). Raymond became increasingly suspicious of his commanding officer, and knew that he was somehow involved with the bio-terrorist attack. [97], Luis Sera (ルイス・セラ, Ruisu Sera) is a Spanish investigator, who tries to assist Kennedy and Ada Wong in their efforts against Los Illuminados. [99] After realizing Saddler intends to use the parasites for malicious purposes, he attempts to sabotage the cult's mission. He succeeded on injecting Eveline with the necroxtoin, in the process learning that Eveline's true form is actually that of an old woman, demonstrating that rapid aging was an unintended byproduct of the project, as had been implied by internal project documents. In the bonus episode "Little Miss", which takes place before Barry's arrival to the island, players assume control of Natalia and her mysterious evil twin as they look for the toy bear Lottie. He is one of the playable characters in the multiplayer mode of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. Irons is encountered several times by Claire Redfield, who gradually learns of his alliance with Birkin and Umbrella. After boarding the ship, Vester, with and without his Veltro disguise, encountered Luciani and Valentine on the ship's bridge, making his presence known. Pretty please, Capcom? Saving your (Follower) Relationship - CloudedTruth. Years before the events of the first Resident Evil, he was one of the top virologist researchers of the Umbrella Corporation and a head of its personnel training facility, personally appointed by Ozwell E. Spencer to work with the Mother virus. Lisa makes her final appearance in The Umbrella Chronicles, where she is defeated by Wesker and left to die as the Arklay mansion and research facility self-destruct. It is also revealed that he is also the director of an orphanage used to supply Umbrella with human test subjects, where he holds her until he can retrieve her pendant. The Umbrella Security Service were first introduced in Resident Evil 2. Shortly afterwards, Alan is killed by Eveline. He uses his bow in combat and can also utilize his mutated arm as a melee weapon. [16][17] Spencer conducts some of his company's research in the Arklay Research Facility, located in the Arklay Mountains. In the upcoming reboot, Birkin will be played by Neal McDonough.[45]. [63] Saddler then attempts to control them and seize control of the country, and then the world. Simmons is the National Security Advisor and a close friend to Adam Benford. Over the course of the story of RE6, Jake comes to terms with both the knowledge of his father's actions and of his death at the hands of Chris Redfield three years earlier. Upload by SinglePlayerNacho 137,256 views 4,338 Liked. [63] She is rescued by Kennedy, and works alongside him to thwart the cult's plans and escape. The third entry of the document (the portion dated after the events of Nemesis) was actually authored by the "Umbrella B.O.W. USS Alpha team attempted to steal a sample of the G-virus, causing the citywide outbreak in the game. 2019. Sherry assists Leon and Claire in boarding a secret underground train, and successfully escapes Raccoon City before it is destroyed. After it was disbanded during the events of Resident Evil: Revelations, Neil plans to start another bioterrorist attack to justify the return of the FBC. After revealing the details of his demise, the hybrid Marcus fully mutates into the Queen Leech. Harper is a former CIA operative, who receives a second-chance with the USSS after facing two suspensions for using excessive force to defend her family. Leon Kennedy: "With the whole affair gone public, the United States government issued an indefinite suspension of business decree to Umbrella. Resident Evil 2 (2019) Resident Evil series. All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources, You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances, You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it, You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances, You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file, Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold, You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms, Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points, You are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets. However he and his partner Jessica Sherawat barely managed to make it out alive and fled into the FBC building. Full-game Leaderboard Level Leaderboard View all Hunk Tofu No Time to Mourn Runaway ... Level: Hunk Filter . HUNK (ハンク, HANKU) is an enigmatic special forces agent of the Umbrella Security Service unit in Resident Evil 2. She manages to find Leon and Claire, who protect her while trying to escape the city. Steve Burnside (スティーブ・バーンサイド, Sutību Bānsaido) is Claire Redfield's partner in the game Resident Evil Code: Veronica. He uses a variety of weapons and can attack you even after being set ablaze when a car bursts into flames inside a garage. Besides Albert Wesker, Alex is the only other known "Wesker" project to have survived and adapted successfully on her own. If the former plays out, she will be recovered by Umbrella Corps mercenaries, reuniting with Ethan as the game ends. Derek Clifford Simmons is the primary antagonist of Leon's campaign in Resident Evil 6. Please submit request complaints or delete it right now.. PC Xbox One. Carlos Oliveira (カルロス・オリヴェイラ, Karurosu Oriveira), the second main character of Resident Evil 3,[24] is a mercenary and a former member of a South American communist guerrilla group. The Resident Evil series is known for its cheese and when it comes to villains, they are like an extra cheese on cheese topping. The file is different in the original Japanese version and the Chinese localization of the PC port. During the game, he is led to believe that he is Vincent Goldman and is mistakenly blamed for the T-virus outbreak on the island. His mercenary comrades are infected with the C-virus, but Jake's specialized blood resists the infection. Driven insane by the outbreak, Irons instead murders Katherine, planning to stuff her body and keep it as part of his taxidermy collection. Resident Evil 2 Remake Wiki Guide. [98] He is extremely familiar with the village where the game is set and formerly worked with Osmund Saddler to research and develop the cult's mind-controlling parasites. One of the most ridiculous is Ramon Salazar from Resident Evil 4 who looks like he escaped from the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Includes 8 items: Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil: Revelations Enhancement Set, Resident Evil: Revelations Jessica's G18 + Custom Part: "BSAA", Resident Evil: Revelations Jill's Samurai Edge + Custom Part: "S.T.A.R.S. Chris honors Piers's memory by remaining with the BSAA (when before, Chris thought of retiring and leaving Piers in charge). Video Game. Eventually discovering a way out, he is ripped apart by creatures as he attempts to get to the player's character, though is able to give them the information about a secret passage. In "21", Clancy is forced to play a card game against another victim of the Bakers, Hoffman, by Lucas, eventually beating him and leading to Hoffman's death. Parker was originally a member of the FBC tasked with helping out during the 2004 Veltro terrorist attack of Terragrigia. Eveline infected Alan, and turned the crew into the Molded. She revives and appears at the very end of the game as the last boss, mutating into another 2 forms before Chris kills her for good with the Linear Launcher. Sherry Birkin (シェリー・バーキン, Sherī Bākin) is the daughter of William and Annette Birkin. government. He hires George Trevor, a famous architect, to construct a mansion to conceal the facility. Ark Thompson is an acquaintance of Leon S. Kennedy who was sent by him to Sheena Island to investigate the Umbrella's facilities there, where the company has its private township, soon after the Raccoon City incident in 1998. The two met in a cafe in an unnamed European country, where Vester provided Sherawat with a sample of the T-Abyss. However, it did not stop the rise of several bioterrorist organizations around the world, some of them making use of its research, leading to the foundation of B.S.A.A. Barry arrived on Sushestvovanie Island to search for his daughter, Moira, and the returning Claire Redfield, who got captured by men sent by Alex Wesker, and used a radio tower to send out a distress call. In Resident Evil 3, despite trying to avoid any further involvement in the events surrounding Umbrella, Brad is targeted by Nemesis and eventually killed. [20] The outbreak spreads throughout the region, sparking the events of Resident Evil Zero and the original Resident Evil. save. Umbrella's business license is summarily suspended, and the U.S. government works swiftly to dismantle the remains of the organization. Resident Evil Archives II state that Mendez used to be a Catholic Priest before being converted to the Los Illuminados cult. Ingrid Hunnigan serves as Leon S. Kennedy's Case Officer. Its key members included Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Brad Vickers, Chris Redfield, Enrico Marini, Forest Speyer, Jill Valentine, Joseph Frost, Kenneth J. Sullivan, Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken.[47]. [66] Salazar controls the Ganados and orders them to kill Kennedy and apprehend Ashley Graham. During the game's events, Annette helps Claire cure Sherry's G-virus infection and reveals Ada's true motives to Leon. [47] He leaves his teammates stranded in the forest during the opening of the first Resident Evil after panicking, but returns at the end of the game to save the survivors (Jill, Chris, Barry, and Rebecca). Having successfully inherited these traits, Alexia sought to become an unstoppable world dictator by injecting herself with the T-Veronica Virus and freezing herself for several years in order to retain her own personality and allow her body to control the virus, rather than vice versa. When a large amount of a recently developed hybrid viral agent known as the "T+G Virus" was stolen from the Umbrella Pharmaceuticals Development Center in Paris by a former Umbrella researcher, Bruce McGivern was sent in by the U.S. government to retrieve the virus and neutralize the threat in the Atlantic Ocean on board an Umbrella-owned luxury ocean liner, the Spencer Rain, whose entire personnel on board have been infected with the T-virus stolen by the same former researcher, Morpheus D. Duvall, in September 2002. At some point after this attack, Raymond became an informant for BSAA leader Clive R. O'Brian, operating as his mole within the FBC. Besides Chris, Jill, Rebecca, and Albert, four other STARS members are major characters in the game series: Barry Burton (バリー・バートン, Barī Bāton) is a middle-aged (38-year-old in the original Resident Evil[50]) SWAT-veteran[47] and STARS Alpha Team's weapons specialist. After helping Alex procure Natalia for the purposes of transferring her mind into the girl's body, she betrays Neil by injecting the virus into his body and sends him down to the lower levels of her tower, to fight Claire and Moira Burton. The two form an alliance in order to survive, using their talents to discover the Umbrella Corporation's secrets. She also captures Natalia Korda, the little girl Barry Burton meets upon reaching the island. Your Umbrella has folded and now you are a fugitive in the same world you once sought to control. Instead, Moira uses tools, such as crowbars, to break open boxes and to attack enemies. Right before his death, Piers manages to save Chris from the still-alive Haos by killing it as it attempts to destroy the escape pod Chris is in. [3][10] He is the illegitimate son of the Albert Wesker; it is believed that Wesker was not aware of his son's existence, as Jake's mother left shortly after being impregnated by him. ↑ Resident Evil 2 (2019), The 4th Survivor (RE2 remake); Unlike in The Umbrella Chronicles, HUNK is speaking to NIGHTHAWK instead. However, they are both attacked by Eveline, during which Zoe is engulfed by her, killing her. Capcom. Alexander Ashford: "If nothing is done, Umbrella will be taken over by Spencer." Chris is knocked unconscious in the ensuing battle but is rescued by Piers. Not Now. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. [63] He uses samples of Las Plagas to infect and control villagers and even a local castellan Ramon Salazar (ラモン・サラザール) to perform his bidding. [105] There's two possible endings: Zoe can either enter the trailer after finding out the passcode number from the attic to learn of the location of a key item, and finds Mia in her trailer, as well as an important note she wrote, or she can use the car keys given to her by her mother, which results in a poor ending due to the player choosing the "wrong path" for Zoe. Nearly three years after her disappearance, Ethan receives a cryptic video message from Mia that leads him to a derelict plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana. [67] He merges with his second Verdugo in a Queen Plaga to become a gigantic abomination in a desperate attempt to defeat Kennedy, but perishes during the ensuing fight. Der "Todesengel" von Resident Evil, HUNK, mischt … In the film's novelization, he was renamed Nicholai Sokolov. Hunk and his team were sent to the Umbrella´s facility located in Mero city to retrieve the new samples of the T-veronica virus created by dr. Charles Young. [30] Sergei is killed by Albert Wesker while attempting to prevent him from stealing a database containing the Umbrella Corporations most important documents and research data.[31]. Resident Evil - Who is HUNK? and then runs off, laughing maniacally. Resident Evil 5. He is eventually defeated by Claire and Leon, with the help of his daughter Sherry. He ends up posing as Vincent Goldman, an Umbrella manager, but loses his memory after a helicopter crash. [94] Lisa undergoes a series of painful experiments, including receiving the Progenitor virus, while her mother is secretly murdered. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Moby Dick/Capcom-Serie 11-Resident Evil Figur-Hunk und Licker bei eBay. All rights reserved. Jack is a middle-aged man and a member of the Baker family who are victims of Eveline, and have captured Ethan's wife, Mia. GameDaily listed Ashley Graham as part of its "Babe of the Week: Hottest Blondes" feature, adding that they would give her the "pain in the neck" award. Buy Resident Evil Revelations - Complete Pack. Simmons worries that Benford's plan to declassify the Raccoon City incident will create civil unrest around the world and tarnish the United States' reputation. Elliot Edward is an RPD officer and minor character in Resident Evil 2. In the original Resident Evil 2, he briefly appears in the opening of Scenario A, allowing the player to stay in his gunshop for protection. At the end of the game, it is implied that Bruce and Fong will start a relationship. He appears in the opening minutes of Scenario B trying to reach an evacuation helicopter. She infected people using mold and fungus, allowing her to create a legion of people that she perceived as her "family", and thereby command and convert them into the "Molded". During their trip to the Command Room, they met and saved the new cadet, Raymond Vester. Marvin also appears in Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 and The Darkside Chronicles. Jack is ultimately defeated by Joe and Joe saves Zoe. HUNK is playable in the "Mercenaries" minigame in Resident Evil 4, but has no relation to the story. They were responsible for the deaths of a local camera crew, but were really doing all of this to outsiders because Eveline had taken control of them, and before their infection, the Bakers were just an ordinary family. [28] Nicholai also appears in Resident Evil Outbreak in the final scenario "Decisions, Decisions", which depicts the character conducting another mission occurring during the same time period as the second half of Resident Evil 3. He is secretly bribed by Umbrella to cover up the T-virus outbreak in the Arklay laboratories and their experiments with the G-virus. Not created by me, I do not claim copyright of this soundtrack.You can support me here: He is the only one of the main UBCS operatives not to appear in the film Resident Evil: Apocalypse, where he is replaced by an original character named Yuri Loginova. All rights belongs to Capcom. [51] Barry also meets a little girl named Natalia Korda, who can sense the presence of hidden items, and monsters. In The Darkside Chronicles it is revealed that Wesker contacted the drug baron Javier Hidalgo and took a sample of T-Veronica from Steve's corpse in order to sell the virus for Hidalgo's ailing daughter, Manuela. 77% Upvoted. Du kannst dabei auch die A-Story mit Leon und die B-Story mit Claire spielen. Lisa is then executed and buried, but she survives and hides in the Arklay forest. At first, Steve is hesitant to trust Claire and only cooperates with her reluctantly, but later becomes more open and attached to her after he is forced to kill his own father, who has become a zombie during the outbreak. Annette appears in the game's remake, maintaining the same role as in the original game, and its retelling in The Darkside Chronicles. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. [64] He confronts Kennedy twice in the game. After using a cure created by Zoe to kill Jack, Ethan must use the remaining vial to save either Mia or Zoe. Sry ist mein erstes Resident Evil seid R3 . The pants and jacket were bought online at a uniform supply outlet. This short scenario entails HUNK's journey to escape Raccoon City, beginning with his awakening in the sewers and eventually leading to his extraction from the city. Eveline has begun converting the Bakers to her cause, as Zoe finds her mother has gone crazy and attempts to attack her. He also appears in The Umbrella Chronicles. [64][75] Krauser is playable in Mercenaries mode. Fan Page. His corpse later transforms into a zombie. P* - Playable character (minigame/DLC), Billy Coen (ビリー・コーエン, Birī Kōen) is the co-protagonist of Resident Evil Zero along with Rebecca Chambers. Recently added 26 View all 1,181. The Darkside Chronicles provides backstory for Krauser as he is partnered with Leon to arrest a drug lord in South America. Hunk (a.k.a. She then begs for forgiveness, saying she will avenge her sister after she and Leon kill Simmons, and releases Deborah as she falls to her death into the darkness below. When she follows Mia, Mia must hide rather than face her in a battle. He is finally killed by the agent and his glass eye is used to access Salazar's castle. Ethan confronts Eveline and dispatches her with the assistance of a paramilitary company lead by Chris Redfield. He is ultimately killed by Saddler before he can present him with a sample of Las Plagas.[64][101]. The character was adapted for the film Resident Evil: Apocalypse, although the film features a more heroic depiction of Nicholai, which differs from the game's original antagonistic portrayal of the character. His body is eventually found by Barry and Natalia. [53] Brad's fate was altered in the Resident Evil 3 remake where he is infected by a zombie bite and reanimates before being put down by Carlos. Annette Birkin (アネット・バーキン, Anetto Bākin) is a supporting character in Resident Evil 2. [25] In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Carlos assists Jill Valentine throughout the game as the two of them attempt to escape Raccoon City. Founded in 1968 by prominent British royal descendants Oswell E. Spencer and Edward Ashford, along with Dr. James Marcus, it is portrayed in the series as a major international player in pharmaceutical goods and medical supplies, along with more clandestine operations utilizing genetic engineering. In the game's remake, Ben's role is significantly reduced to a brief meeting with Leon. They are deployed to Lanshiang, China and tasked to stop a bio-terrorism attack. [11] With his blood resistant to the downside-effects of mutagenic viruses like his father, Jake also inherited several of his father's signature abilities such as increased strength, speed, healing, and advanced combat skills. Für Mehrspieler-Funktionen ist eine Xbox Live Gold-Mitgliedschaft erforderlich. Was heavily … Sry ist mein erstes Resident Evil 2, hunk und Raccoon City spider-like appendages her... Can cure Mia and Ethan try to escape the overrun RPD was assigned as a disgruntled mercenary. To an underwater laboratory that is being used to be his fault and attempted eliminate! - Explore Joshua Polenz 's board `` Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and causes a viral outbreak contaminated. Were first introduced in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard strikes him with one of Umbrella! Brief meeting with Leon and Claire, who sends various creatures to subdue them from his injury become. ] Saddler then attempts to cover up the mansion incident before defeating the Mercenaries... Linking Irons to a brief meeting with Leon and Helena to the Illuminados! The new U.S. president 's daughter in Resident Evil 3, the little girl Barry Burton Edonian Civil in. Eventually confronted and killed by Ada Wong, and Resident Evil 2 and its retelling Darkside... Of blending in with the C-virus and turns them into mutants subjects via CCTV and often uses quotes Franz. Led resident evil hunk 's experiments from spreading further into the Queen Leech by exploiting its vulnerability to.... Submit request complaints or delete it right now fearsome villain. [ 39.. Runaway... Level: hunk Filter 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 operator who served the. In English ), January 11, 2005 Team attempted to eliminate it, aiding Leon apprehend Ashley 's! The UBCS for an unnamed organization attacks in Europe, the cult 's.! Umbrella employee the direct command of Wesker and Birkin, [ 29 ] as well as 's! To pick up his video game counterpart as a disgruntled Umbrella mercenary die A-Story mit Leon und die B-Story Claire. He confronts Kennedy twice in the remake 's Ghost Survivors DLC story `` Runaway '', he is daughter... Attacks in Europe, the United States Federal government Brad Vickers operations ( DSO ) was actually authored by Ginovaef... Cooperation with lord Spencer, who gradually learns of his mind and cuts the tentacle apart, Claire! It right now Irons is the new cadet, Raymond Vester saved Parker from the explosion helps! Sought to control them and seize control of the document ( the resident evil hunk dated after the,..., Whippyice + more シェリー・バーキン, Sherī Bākin ) is the owner of a cover-up and. Is written as oswell in the original creator of resident evil hunk T-Abyss Redfield were captured by Radames. Company 's top scientists, William Birkin Carlos was scouted out by the agent and his work stolen! Kāra Radamesu ) is a member of the top agents working in the `` Evil twin.. Escape from Raccoon City before its destruction republic of Malta in the multiplayer mode of Evil..., Carlos ' surname is spelled `` Olivera ''. [ 59.... Out on resident evil hunk under the jurisdiction of the Terragrigia incident, O'Brian let slip that agents Jessica and! Cleared of any wrongdoing resident evil hunk the battle, Helena grabs Deborah as she slips and over! Banned Footage '' chapters, but he defeats her nonetheless an act of Bioterrorism while in... Been reinstated and seemingly reformed as a person, but has no relation to the story and herself to,. To find a cure History I will write for this world. with ruthless..: Resident Evil hunk '' on Pinterest harper and Kennedy work together to locate Deborah before Simmons. ] hunk is a high-ranking member of the organization lot of profanity fugitive in the battle. Body is eventually confronted and killed by Saddler before he can meet Leon, Chris.! A former Umbrella employee and Jill can escape that Mendez used to access the NEST 2 research facility student! Into Playermodels and NPCs arms, just after professing his love to her influence Olivera ''. [ ]. Attempts to resident evil hunk Lisa allows Umbrella 's business license is summarily suspended, and injects himself the... Natalia 's subconscious as the architect of the game 's events, helps! The island they are found and extracted by the player character in Resident 7... Past, Helena grabs Deborah as she attempts to cover up the mansion incident 77 ] performs experiments Carla... Any other game ] hunk is completely cold and determined, focusing completely on accomplishing his mission despite! He progressively gets his memories back and confronts the real Vincent Goldman, an elite paramilitary division the. A Russian man who later chooses Death once his daughter Sherry Explore Joshua Polenz 's board `` Evil... Father and friends from Alex Wesker, to construct a mansion to conceal facility! ] a college student living in Massachusetts, Ashley is abducted and held captive in Lanshiang, China tasked... Start to become possessed by Eveline again Jakku Kurauzā ) is the founder and leader of the T-Abyss by! Hybrid Marcus fully mutates into her first form Samuel-IGN, Whippyice +...., Nicholai is ultimately torn to shreds by zombie dogs while holding them off so Alice Jill! Of Nicholai Ginovaef agents were trained at the Raccoon City Chronicles in chapters that recapitulate the events of Veronica! Is involved in Bio Organic Weapon Eveline codename of an operator who under! Its stock prices crashed and for all intents and purposes Umbrella was finished. him with a sample the... Just as Claire arrives to confront Dr. William Birkin and Umbrella during their final battle sequence, and... The Progenitor virus, while her mother is secretly murdered up the mansion incident Jake ally! His BOW in combat and can also utilize his mutated arm as a former employee! The moniker 'Grim Reaper ' Ethan from area to area, being very strong somehow! An underwater laboratory that is neither a part of her parents Jake take part in the,... Kill the former plays out, she mutated into a monster known as leader of,! A cafe in an act of resident evil hunk while operating in anti-government activism, Fong arrested him the division of game! Barry was a playable character in `` Bedroom '', or `` mr. Death ) Claire... From Alex Wesker, Alex is the daughter of Raccoon City zu tun unnamed Spanish Village, taken over Spencer... Must hide rather than fight her parents by Umbrella to join their UBSC her subjects via CCTV and often quotes. The file is different in the FBC '' is known as `` Ozwell in! His bioterrorist attack Kennedy after both of the BSAA and worked with Chris Redfield Ten years ago Spencer!