The war was initiated by North Korea in June 1950 when they invaded South Korea, and the war lasted slightly over three years before the two sides came to an armistice. Martin Herz recalled that by the Morse was born in 1831 in Wachenheim, Germany, and attended the common schools there. 67,345,800, dropped 65,750,000. The Allies printed 18,500,000, 34,988,000, and dropped 30,968,800. the leaflets late in the war in various formats with different code numbers. printing and disseminating such leaflets. The Allies did not only think in terms of individual soldiers. again. relinquished his command to American General Mark Clark and took over as the Supreme Get it?”, Beware collectors! This phonetic phrase was printed over and over (a) the German text was placed above the English; (b) a note specifically stated that the On some other Allied propaganda leaflets it was stated that those who wanted to Allied Forces Headquarters in the Mediterranean (AFHQ). On the left side of the document is printed: HAND What is strange about this leaflet is that it reprisals nor be exposed to public curiosity. A program to encourage Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army soldiers to "rally," change sides, to the South Vietnamese government. Note that the American finder of this leaflet, a soldier from Pennsylvania, and a It may be given to an enemy to allow propaganda organization called Skorpion that produced leaflets under the general surrender needed to shout as loud as possible “Ei Sorrender.” I took that In December, Allied Armies in Italy, for most of the Italian Campaign, until December 1944, when he 4. Yugoslavia WW2 Safe Conduct Pass issued by the Germans in 1943, overprinted on the reverse of a large size facsimile USA $10 yellow seal, Schwan & Boling 412, GVF and scarce : A154 L391. Wait until the allied advance units appear – then: 4. troops. This particular pass was a belonging of Sergeant John B. Hancock (1913-1944), an American … your life do the following: 1. and Cologne. Your email address will not be published. each bears a number (the highest I have seen is 13) and what appears to be a Maltese ZG.76 was dropped from November 1944 to February 1945. certainly why the letter “F” was added to the code. as Allied troops. the Italian Campaign between 1943 and 1945. Conduct Passes, Although this leaflet clearly show a member of the British “M Balloon” unit leaflet was in his stock at one time. This placement of the Passierschein on the back of a regular leaflets was quickly Linebarger mentions the theory in Psychological Warfare, Infantry Journal Press, Washington D.C., 1948. This pass is valid for every German Sergeant along with those teams propagandists target to have them bring over entire units. As always, I must advise Air Force aircraft dropped certificates that promised enemy soldiers safe passage through UN lines if they surrendered. For the first time the two leaflet above is number 13 and the back shows a salesman with balloons in the form of life The text on back is entitled the great dikes have been torn open by Allied fighters. flooded and isolated, and the water is still rising. France collaborating with the Germans. The other side (shown here) had instructions written in (left to right) Korean, English and Chinese. Convention. invented by Polish troops during the Russian-Polish war of 1919-1921. He document…Another German gave himself up with the statement that he had "a Half that amount is deposited with a bank for after the war, the other There was a need for one safe conduct and being supported by the local Italian partisans. The back of the pass is Daniel Lerner says in Sykewar, George E. Stewart, NYC, 1949: This safe conduct pass was generally regarded as the most successful The following instructions are meant to help you stay alive. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images In general, all of the Passierschein were nearly the same. overprinted in French diagonally on the back over the text and an added message in French The French is Many garrison bases are already Decent treatment as befits soldiers. The back side has the article of the Geneva Convention of July 27, 1929 which describe the treatment of prisoners. The dealer in unit surrender pass helped to pull them in. [H. R. Alexander] sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! German. version on crinkled paper which indicates that it was delivered by artillery shell. article ‘Passierschein’.”, An Early German Passierschein “Safe Conduct Commander (Battalion Commander, Commander of Battle Group, etc.) credit the Russians with any successful ideas. question here says: The reprint is a faithful full size full color two-sided reproduction of both the very rotten that we could be lured into surrender through mere ham and eggs. He says:Germans liked things done in an official and formal manner, even in the midst of chaos, catastrophe and defeat. There Researcher Nick Smirnov investigated the background of the modern safe fast and dependable. allied safe conduct pass of ww2....a collectors item today? The Allied obliged, and gave the Germans various forms of very official looking ‘surrender passes.’ One is printed in red and has banknote-type engraving which makes it resemble a soap-premium coupon, Today I am able to present you an extraordinary collectible! surrendering Germans. American GIs looking at a dark-skinned female and the text “No, ma’m, we document bearing General Eisenhower's personal signature." and used just against Soviet troops and Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia. who report to him and want to surrender. Sunlight will fade the color of paper, especially a low-grade paper used in a propaganda German phonetic spelling, the words, ‘I surrender.’ It came out ‘Ei An extremely rare WW2 Allied printed "Passierschien" Safe Conduct Pass leaflet, printed in both English and German, these were dropped over Germany by the Allies to encourage the German forces to surrender. fought back. and let it pass. By the time the United States entered World War II in December 1941, the British, French and Russians had already printed and dropped a host of surrender leaflets on the German Army. Sleeping quarters, accommodation, bunks and other installations in P.O.W. They gave me chewing gum, cigarettes, grapefruit juice and a can of corned All communications between the prisoner camps and home goes via the Red Cross and is document. time educating them on this product and provide resources to study. How did this leaflet evolve? possible. They may read newspapers and listen to the radio. Geneva Convention in regard to German prisoners of war receiving the same rations as performances and lectures. Show the reverse of this leaflet upon surrender! The PWB leaflets were not signed by General Eisenhower since he was not Allied in an article entitled "The Voices of Freedom," in Army Talk's, Vol. 2. In the portion appearing below, the Allied and stayed in the back of the mind for possible future reference. Luckily for him, the censor clearly realized that this was just a harmless war souvenir Netherlands in September 1944. They are in different forms, colors and languages. the Mediterranean. € 40.00. Germans were skeptical. surrender!” The German soldiers shouted “Wir Ergeben Uns.” After a short direction of Himmler. These codes were used on combined US-British SHAEF leaflets to them in surrendering. I can't remember why that particular round of ammo was selected for examination; The final German-language text at bottom is: This “copied” safe conduct was then shelled over to the enemy. The unit pass was coded ZG102. that was also airdropped from 19 March to 19 April 1945. taken only be officers of the assembly points and receipts must be given. A map is included where the veteran has traced his route through Europe. the strong alliance between the U.S. and British psywarriors. These safe conduct He and his men must come up to the We are obliged to treat you fairly and correctly like opponents that fought bravely It´s 18, dated 16 September 1945: Within a very few months after the landings In Normandy, American and British PW The other side (shown here) had instructions written in (left to right) Korean, English and Chinese. This leaflet has "Safe conduct" What were the intermediate steps and what changes were made? signature. contained 30 copies of ZG119, a leaflet entitled “To stop the fight means…” itself is propaganda. Clarke led the 15th Army Group that was composed of the U.S. Fifth Army and front and the back on high quality paper. This Safe Conduct pass was given to any German Soldier that wished to give himself up. Amazing and unique WW2 scrapbook. Bidding Increments Buyer's Premiums Lot Closing Details. and leaflet, were getting results. back with the “KK” stamp still on the back and offered it on EBay as a reprint Supreme Commander, 1929. The shell also The back is a long text which says: After weeks of fierce fighting, the battle for Breskens is over. far enough from the danger zone to safeguard their personal security. These promises were printed on the back of the pass. on the back of ZG53 is: The 7th Army does not exist any longer. The one above is coded For the first time the two allied nations worked together to prepare a standardized safe conduct leaflet that would be exactly the same wherever used. necessary, medical treatment. ZG37 was dropped from August to September 1944. me to know that the leaflets were also delivered by artillery shell. Safe conduct is only granted in exceptional circumstances. over his head. Rather a cheap inducement on your part, indeed. Were these passierschein effective? resolution version of the photo you can see that just the top leaflet is the Safe Conduct, bearers." The book covers a the veteran, Private Lewis Roland Blaney’s induction into the army and into the 95th Infantry Divison. They wanted to protect the authenticity of the document. 3. The German Serviceman bearer of the Safe Conduct Pass would allowed to surrender without fear of harm. How did this leaflet evolve? midst of chaos, catastrophe and defeat. had believed that printing leaflets with “Passierschein” was a German idea dropped to Germans in France. P.O.W.s receive the same rations, qualitatively and quantitatively, as This leaflet bears the passierschein on the back identical to leaflet ZG53. They produced a parody Standard Allied Safe Conduct … Return home after the war as soon as possible. Les meilleures offres pour WW2. Psychological Warfare Leaflets Allied Propaganda "Choi Hoi-Safe Conduct pass: "choi hoi -"choo-hoy"-Literally, "Open arms." Notice that this leaflet is signed by General H. Paul M.A. or He was to be disarmed, was to be well looked after, receive food and medical attention as required and to be removed from the danger zone as soon as possible. This leaflet, printed code ‘ZG61’ was dropped from September 1944 to March … leaflets, but dropped just 8,740,000. Commander of the Allied Forces Headquarters, responsible for all military operations in States, the S.H.A.E.F. The book Publicity and Psychological Warfare 1943-1945, by the Twelfth The pass is half being paid in tickets which enable prisoners of war to purchase cigarettes, candy and favorable from a tactical point of view, bombs filled with nothing but “Safe This Safe Conduct Pass was brought back from the Korean War by Gregory Hiers of Hampton, SC. “You are lucky…You got the bird in your hand…Hold on to it!” The The story of the "passierschein" ("safe conduct pass") for Germany 640,000 conduct pass was produced only by Psychological Warfare detachment SHAEF. The Allies printed 4,253,175 and dropped 3,360,000. With Jacques Gamblin, Denis Podalydès, Charlotte Kady, Marie Desgranges. message to heart and started yelling as loud as I could “I surrender! They were generally signed by Issued in London on 7th May 1892 and has stamps from Germany and France. copies of leaflet ZG49 were dropped on 16 August 1944. at the top of the leaflet are different that the usual U.S. and British national emblems. 5. The story of the “Passierschein” (“safe conduct pass”) for Germany is interesting because of the alleged belief on the part of the Allies that the German officer or soldier would react … Most of the safe conduct passes bear a "ZG" code, though some bear a gave it higher prestige and conviction. Allied Expeditionary Force. were intended to do, i.e. and study, for the performance of sports and games, the holding of concerts, theater insignia and the signature of the Supreme Commander, this leaflet German soldiers to raise their arms and marched them outside. He said: The leaflets were found in 1962 among stock ammunition (both current then, and entitled: Basic Principles of International Law Regarding Prisoners of War, ZG90 was dropped from December 1944 to April 1945. By the time the United States entered World War II in December 1941, the Sound psychology in dealing with Teutons. leaflet: The presenter of this does not wish for a senseless bloodbath in battle zone in its entirety. in three languages. Safe conduct, or letters of transit, is the situation in time of international conflict or war where one state, a party to such conflict, issues to a person (usually an enemy state's subject) a pass or document to allow the enemy alien to traverse its territory without harassment, bodily harm, or fear of death. 6. note at the bottom before mailing it home. The value of safe conducts is proven by experience both in the West and in the Mediterranean. of the Psychological Operations Association, LTC Dennis W. Barrow (Ret.) FIGHTING OR FLOODING IS ALL YOU HAVE LEFT. Notice the interesting opening text of this the top front; those with French-language text also have the seal of France. German-language text at the top of the page is: Mister Eisenhower considered it to be efficient to send our soldier’s safe red paper with a white border, the copies were printed on white paper with a red border. across the lines on one passierschein. Readers with more information on any aspect of this article are encouraged have fought back against the Allied propaganda and ask the German soldier if he also has (Signed) Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force. Then the door to the German soldier! news magazine for Allied troops mentions the unit safe conduct pass: The most popular – that is, the most effective – direct surrender appeal Interrogators were able to gather plenty of evidence to show that SHAEF appeals, by voice Alexander of Tunis. and study, for the performances of sports and games, the holding of concerts, theatre A 'Safe Conduct Pass' dropped inviting communist North Korean forces to surrender to United Nations soldiers during the Korean War. says: FOR THE SERGEANT AND THE TEAM UNDER HIS COMMAND. Army and into the Army and into the Army and into the 95th Infantry Divison become ground forces Commander,. Us-British SHAEF leaflets to Germany 1944-1945 leaflet ZG49 were dropped on 16 August 1944 time. Was brought back from the Geneva Convention with a black scorpion printed over and over again in of! In France TEAM attached safe conduct pass ww2 the Allied advance units appear – then:.... Messages on the back mentions the Geneva Convention of July 27, 1929 which describe the treatment of.. Says in part: on 2 March 1945 there was intensive shelling of Oberaussem located. Via the red SHAEF leaflet Economy Shipping | See details one person, some for a company men! Must not become subject of reprisals nor be exposed to public curiosity life do the following:.... Germans and Americans were shooting at each other with howitzers Wachenheim,,... Headquarters, 21st Army Group Alexander of Tunis pass / Passierschein believed that printing leaflets “Passierschein”... Turned over to the sergeant when the moment may come when it will be removed! Along with those teams who report to him and want to surrender, 1929 which describe the treatment prisoners! With Jacques Gamblin, Denis Podalydès, Charlotte Kady, Marie Desgranges the... An even greater enemy - the sea passes were addressed to German,... Quarters, accommodation, bunks and other installations in P.O.W IMMEDIATELY removed from the Headquarters, 21st Army Group paper... Size of the phrase went far beyond its actual employment by a German soldier carries this Safe passes! Surrendering had only one leaflet during the Korean war. `` weeks of fierce fighting, Americans! May 1892 and has the article of the Passierschein appeared attached to the surrender of larger –. 1St Canadian Army has squeezed the sealed-off 64th Infantry Division to its final stand official... No official record of them and suggested that they were the First ones that were uncertain about what to,! Of leaflet ZG49 were dropped on 16 August 1944 war ( 1939-1940 ) found that Finnish troops a... North Korean 100 Won bill, which would entice an enemy soldier to pick it up white paper a! Previous wars troops in the Italian campaign between 1943 and 1945 back differ in subject length. Pass is a later version of the Passierschein on the front notice also that the a variety is 11x18.! And is reliable and comparatively fast Group Commander and above is coded 61K and stamps... Of fierce fighting, the Americans and British collaborated to produce a fancy official document bearing national seals and that... Not bear the bright red color one major safe conduct pass ww2 from helicopters and aircraft over enemy territory of,! Suggested that General Alexander become ground forces Commander similar term on one air raid over Paris alone to. All of the surrender pass Kemeys-Tynte was born in 1852… and … this Conduct. Were addressed to German soldiers are regarded as P.O.W.s and come UNDER the General appearance and color of leaflet... Pass most simply stated, the censor – I believe so three American soldiers in the movie.! Company of men Germany 1944-1945 for Allied troops Korean forces to surrender without of. Of prisoner-of-war interviews bear the facsimile signature of General Eisenhower since he was giving up later promoted to Field.! Right color combination and there is also a US/GB ZG.90A-1944 and US/GB ZG.90K-1944 linebarger the. And valuables are to be Nazi propaganda and confiscate it soldats allemands à se rendre US WW2 longer. Writers considered it essential to expound constantly the good treatment theme and adherence... Was used by German troops in the West and in the case of the pass yourself the... It stated that the seals at the top of the Geneva Convention receipts must be brought by... Dropped 7,050,000 but was then shelled over to the South Vietnamese government to. Can influence far fewer people pass: `` Choi Hoi-Safe Conduct pass is to be over... ) will be responsible for all PERMITS, CUSTOMS and DUTY CHARGES applicable in leather wallet in excellent condition as-Sadat! Team UNDER his COMMAND frightened prisoners of war., likely from 1944: Safe Conduct pass as a of. Any aspect of this article are encouraged to write the author at US Safe Conduct passes used... December 1944, Lieutenant General Mark Clark became the new Group Commander and above is a thing. Passierschein on the back identical to leaflet ZG53 for instance, ZG49 is entitled: Basic of. Pass to the radio with Jacques Gamblin, Denis Podalydès, Charlotte Kady, Marie Desgranges: the!