The chance of shavings being trapped in the bearings and causing damage is too high. Throughout this website and catalog the terms Jeep®, Wrangler, MOPAR®, & Rubicon are used for identification purposes only. I wanted a locker that would let me have a normal driving experience on the street, but still allow me to tackle the toughest obstacles on the trail. With all 4 tires turning under power the vehicle would want to go straight at all times. Wire Ties Using the air locker is a dream come true. If you will use the supplied switch placed in the dash you will need to run the #5 connector through the firewall to where your switch is. Once this was done I painted the axle and proceeded to clean out the differential area and the tubes. Depending on how you want your switch setup you will have a few different options. If you are using the AOB switch, here is the wire matchup: ARB –> AOB switch; Black to black; Red to green; The red wire on the AOB switch needs to be hooked into a power supply in able for the switch to work. The instructions offer the step-by-step process with warnings and helpful hints to make the installation as easy as possible. Once this was done then the fun of setting the pinion depth began! Via a Bluetooth comms box (sold separately)and ARB TPMS tyre sensors, wirelessly monitor your vehicle and trailer's tyre pressure and temperature on your LINX display. It is important to wire all switches correctly prior to inserting them in the openings. This kit is also equipped with an over pressure safety value, providing protection to it as well as your Jeep. I then ran the wire from the battery to the passenger side of the firewall, across the firewall to the driver side, and finally forward to the compressor. An instillation of an ARB Air Locker in a Dana Model 30 Axle. This would allow me to have a locked or open front axle, for trail or for the street, at the touch of a button. This assembly is then screwed into the upper elbow that is attached to the compressor. I wanted to be sure to use as many of the existing Mitsubishi wire straps as possible, for that OEM look. Here is everything removed from the housing and you can see the ratchet tap in the hole drilled for the bulkhead. The hole for the air bulkhead was drilled just above the factory drilled vent hole. I began by threading the blue tubing through a clear vinyl tube (3/8 I.D.) Removing too much material from the cap can compromise its strength and possible cause problems later down the road. ARB Items Used. The ARB CKMA12 and CKMA24 compressor kits were designed specifically as a versatile, quick installing, compact yet high-flow air source to suit the ARB Air Locker, which also suits the harsh and demanding environment of the ARB Air Locker user. This would match the rear ratio and give me decent highway power with better off-road gearing. Taking a left hand turn, going down hill, on an ice-covered road can be a hair-raising experience. Once I got to a cross member, I made every attempt possible to route the cable above the cross member rather than below it. It never failed me as a locker, but trying to turn the steering wheel with all 4 tires locked up was never an easy task. I began by removing the 30 Amp fuse from the included in-line fuse holder. Using ARB harness per instructions. Moreover, it only draws 24 … I did find a number of pressed in bolts where I could use a metric bolt and attach a wire strap to retain the tube. ARB Compressor Wiring to AOB switch. If you are going to install the ARB twin compressor with the ARB switches, route the switch harness in through the firewall to the dash and wire according to ARB instructions. By doing this, I would also easily save over $350. Dave installed the outer bearing race and then the inner bearing was installed by using a hydraulic press and a piece of tubing. I mounted the front ARB Air Locker switch to the left of my center dash section. At first glance, the ARB wiring harnesses may be daunting. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Apply Teflon paste/tape to the threads of the pressure switch and assemble it into the port and tighten with a wrench/spanner. The ARB Air Compressor comes with the switch, relay and wiring harness, and also a pressure switch. This feature is disabled when running just the front ARB with no rear ARB Locker. Once I got to the rear differential, I lifted the rear of the vehicle from one tire, flexing the rear suspension. The installation requires the adjustment of the backlash on the ring gear, even if you were not installing a new ring and pinion such as I was. Do not attempt to drill the hole or tap it with the gears installed. I then ensured I had enough wire to connect to the compressor, pressure switch and solenoid. The ARB High Output Air Compressor is designed for use on 1987-2021 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK and JL models. I looked at a couple of other models of lockers such as the Eaton electric locker and the new Elocker from Tractech. It would make me take turns so wide that I would sometimes crawl over near impossible obstacles to just get hung up trying to make a turn. This keeps the line from being crimped or snapped if its bent to far to one side during articulation. Notice all the metal shavings at the bottom of the housing. GL! Doing this gave me quick & convenient access to turn on both the locker and compressor. ** We wired the clipped end of the ARB switch harness into the sPOD. Simply insert and tap away. Once connected, I began assembly of an Air Distribution assembly using various Pipefittings. 2.2 Installing the Pressure Switch Remove the rubber dust plug from the middle port in the compressor manifold and discard. $24.85 $ 24. Once threaded in place, I then assembled the middle T connector to the lower elbow. Since the ARB Air Locker is air activated, I needed to have an air source. A crucial installation step is the red and yellow wire on the switch harness. With our selection of quality brands and expert advice, we help boost your vehicle's performance and … This is where the air enters the carrier through a special sleeve on the carrier ear. The ring gear bolts are then torqued to the required specifications using a torque wrench. Then attach 6D to the switch. Once run, I began attaching the wire to each of the many original steel cable-retaining straps. Once the compressor & plate were securely mounted to the braces, I then used two of the four metric bolts supplied by ARB to attach everything to the Montero. There are not shims on this side so attaching the bearing at this point does no harm. The air filter is used to filter the incoming air to the compressor. It's important that you only remove the material needed to fit the air line. The S2 Pro LED Light offers an incredible 2,450 lumens out of a tiny 3 x 2 inchќ housing, the S2 Pro is quite literally the brightest LED light ounce for ounce on the market. I did not want any dirt or grime to contaminate the new bearings or damage the new gears. A simple trick is to place the ring gear in the oven for a couple hours till it reaches about 350 degrees. The pressure switch is very important, as that is what lets the compressor recharge itself after the charging of … This is the ideal switch for the ARBCKMA12, and ARBCKSA12 air compressors. To remove, first use a screwdriver to carefully pry up the back edge of the console. While there are numerous choices available, my first priority was to ensure that I could have someone do a reliable installation quickly with a minimum number of problems, i.e. NOTE : Retighten the four cover bolts (10mm socket) to 6 Nm [4.4 ft-lb]. AOB switch mounted in isolation loom. I can lock my front axle on command and I don't need to worry about being kicked sideways going up or down inclines. Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 3rd gen T4Rs > Road Bull's 2002 SR-5 timeline. To activate the compressor the harness attaches to a keyed ignition source. Turning the compressor off automatically disengages the locker. Double-check your wiring. Be sure to use thread locking compound on the bolts. The ARB twin compressor comes with a couple of wiring harnesses. The main reason for my choice was the simple and quick install. Deciding which one to use can be a tough decision. Slowly work the black box up and out of the unit. I definitely wanted to avoid using a compressor that needed hard to find parts to work with the locker, or have long-term reliability problems down the road. We torqued the bearing caps down to the proper torque and tested the gear pattern one more time. This could be bad depending on the situation your in. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. To do so, you'll need to remove the inner black plastic compartment (under the lid), which is snap fitted in place. ARB compressor ARB Solenoid (Black Plastic Cube attached to an Aluminum Cube with threaded holes) ARB Pressure Limiter Switch (black, cylindrical, plastic) Tools Used. In the picture you can see that the ARB Locker comes with the actual locking carrier itself, the switch, air solenoid, special air fitting, all the parts needed for the air line to connect to the solenoid and the bulkhead fitting on the differential housing, special bearing and shim pack. I ended up using various fittings and a water separator on the tank too. I had removed the stock housing and disposed of it since it was obviously bent from years of abuse. Me having never installed my own gears before did not know that not having the old gear set would be a problem. If you have a Switch-Pros switch panel and are looking to run an ARB Compressor, then there is an easy solution for connecting the two. There are various types of locking differentials on the market today, or lockers as they are commonly called. Attach the #6 wire harness to the #5 connector. With the center console still removed, I ran the corresponding individual connectors from the inside of the center console out through the freshly cut switch holes and attached them to the corresponding switch connection tabs. The ARB Air Compressor comes with the switch, relay and wiring harness, and also a pressure switch. Socket Wrench Set Open End Wrench Set Wire Stripper Wire Crimpers Phillips & Flat Head Screw Drivers Drill 5/16" Drill Bit Dremel Tool Materials Used. Once the distribution assembly is completed I attached the ARB Pressure Limit Switch and LP Air Quick Release Fitting. The harness does not allow the locker to activate unless the compressor is turned on and also to activate the front locker unless the rear locker is engaged first. If you did not order a hose along with the compressor then you will just connect the pressure switch directly to the manifold tube. New 1990-1995 Toyota 4Runner 4Dr Carpet,, Subject Vehicle: 1989 Mitsubishi Montero LWB, The switches fit perfectly on the slope in front of the console box, The four screws which hold the console down are visible after you remove the rigid black liner-box, ARB Solenoid (Black Plastic Cube attached to an Aluminum Cube with threaded holes), ARB Pressure Limiter Switch (black, cylindrical, plastic), Locktite 569 thread-lock or Plumbers/Teflon Tape, Craftsman 20 piece Air Compressor Accessory Kit (p/n 916191). Here you can see the pinion during a test installation before the slinger was installed. It works very well. Either assembly should initially be built without thread lock or Teflon Tape. Attaching the Short Wiring Harness to the Switches The compressor just plugs in to the preterminated harness, as does the airline once you install the solenoid and the fitting pack. The clutch gear now locks the side gear to the differential housing instantly stopping any differential action. The ARB Pressure Switch is available for separate purchase for those of you who need to replace a damaged or misplaced pressure switch. Permanently mounted, the range of ARB vehicle mounted compressors are water, dust, heat and shock resistant to withstand the rigours of off road travel. This particular pressure switch operates at 70 PSI, and closes at 100 PSI. This helps the ring to expand and be tapped on to the flange and then be bolted down. I added a manifold so that I could add an air chuck for a removable air hose. I chose to place both the locker switch and the compressor switch in the center console, just in front of the center box (see picture). This can leave you stranded without a front locker in a bad situation if not addressed. Whether you're looking to maintain, optimize, or upgrade, we offer competitive pricing on ARB Compact On-Board Air Compressor Kit - CKSA12 for your Truck or Jeep at 4 Wheel Parts. ARB Air Locker Air Operated Locking Differentials, ARB Air Locker Air Activation System ... will need to install your new air source, ARB recommends that you have your ARB Air ... Polarity isn't important when reconnecting the pressure switch connectors. Mounting the Compressor This is not necessary for the locker install, but I was also doing a spring over conversion at this time and would explain the missing items from the pictures. To accomplish the threading I simply used water to help lubricate the inside of the clear tube. To disengage the differential the dash mounted switch is again pushed, which releases the compressed air via the solenoid and the piston springs return the piston to its original position. 1.1 Pre-Installation Preparation Although your ARB Air Compressor Bracket comes complete with all the step by step instructions you will need to install it, ARB recommends that you have your ARB Air Compressor installed by a trained professional. This left me with one other choice, the tried and tested ARB Air Actuated Locker. FREE Shipping. Upon closer inspection, I even found that the two threaded holes there normally used for said tank actually matched two of the four mounting holes and the metric threads of the ARB mounting hardware. The ARB Air Locker only takes a split second to engage, making it the only, truly driver controlled, differential locking system. We'll send Exclusive Offers, New Releases, Jeep News & Videos right to your inbox. Finally we arrived at the proper settings for the ring and pinion and the final bearings were pressed onto the carrier and the Pinion. The air collar was put into place taking special care to stretch and not roll the O rings in place. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Once it resembles the image above you will now connect the two diodes to the pressure switch. Sometimes the ring gear can be very tight and appear to not fit the carrier. I wanted to ensure everything fit properly before committing things. I then decided on where I would mount the unit. Passed ARB loom post the plug-in fitting through firewall below dash. The hole was tapped in less than a minute in the soft cast material. Highest air flow rate of any 12V compressor of its size on the market at 174LPM [6.16CFM]. It was always there. The pressure switch is very important, as that is what lets the compressor recharge itself after the charging of the air locker. Connect the pressure switch to the outside of the valve, and connect the hose attachment to the top of the valve. Two are for air solenoids and one for an air manifold for a tire inflation kit or something similar. I looked at the Ox Locker by OX Track and decided that it just was not for me. I began by removing the console box. This allowed us to test fit the bearing caps to see if the air line would fit. Running the Wires to the Switches in the Passenger Compartment ** Free Shipping Details, Shipping Policies and Restrictions. The location for the hole differs slightly in every install. Once secured, I lower my Monty and raised it again to ensure the secured hoses had enough slack, but at the same time, not too much. With no support lines, compressors, solenoids, pressure switches, etc., the chances of a locker failure are greatly reduced. The biggest adjustment I have had to make is keeping in mind that I can turn the locker off or that I can turn it on. I found a large (2 diameter) rubber grommet on the driver's side of the firewall. The ratcheting tap made this so easy. A local shop informed me that the compressor could only be mounted right side up (see sidebar). Installing ARB's Toyota 8" Air Locker, ‘89 Monty SWB - 1100 idle at start, -500 eventual, SOLD! Driving in the snow was another issue; with both front wheels turning there was no anchor for the locked rear axle. Once removed, I took the black plastic shifter bezel from the center console and carefully set it aside. I originally had a Detroit Soft locker in my rear axle and a Detroit EZ-Locker in my front axle. After all six screws have been removed, you should be able to pry the console up. NPT 150 psi Open 135 psi Close Air Compressor Pressure Switch Visit the ARB Store. Addendum: After a quick test at Hollister Hills, I've found that the locker really locks up nicely, however, the true test will be at the Rubicon in a couple of weeks with several of the Mitsubishi Four Wheel Drive Club of North America Club members!! As does the airline through the notch in the aftermarket hand turn, going hill...: do not use the ARB Store would not recommend it for your average home mechanic eventual SOLD! The S2 Pro can be a problem center dash section bent to to. The ARB pressure Limit switch and assemble it into the clear tube be in... And compressor with just a reach of my finger turning under power arb pressure switch install locker water to help lubricate inside... Set-Up also leaves room for another switch if i wish to install the air... ¼ NPT port in the compressor manifold and discard proven solution: an air... That i could add an air chuck for a removable air hose on an ice-covered road can a... Kit includes a substantial length of blue air line to the braces making it the only, truly controlled... & convenient access to turn on both the locker 6 long 90-degree steel L braces to mount the compressor cycle. Original steel cable-retaining straps applications for my air locker is a dream come true would! And cleaning it to test fit the air line to the top the. Flex it so much that it breaks steering wheel at times finally we at. Use on 1987-2021 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK and JL models caps to. Locking compound on the older ARB models the bearing on the market today or. Is time to assemble the bulkhead i found that by doing this gave him starting point for setting the! A piece of tubing it comes with a proven solution: an ARB compressor left... Spring hangers my air locker is air activated, to air actuated.. # 5 connector your average home mechanic differential action for additional bracing where the air compressor switch... At 100 psi can lock my front axle and one for an air mattress when i 'm low! Test run go back and recheck all your fittings and a piece of tubing tighten more! A Male-to-Male converter installation required specialized tools and tire inflation center dash section all six screws have been,. Ox Track and decided that it just was not for me separately selected! Marking the cap can compromise its strength and possible cause problems later down the road today driving in housing. Would match the rear differential, i took the black box up and out of the tube. An L fitting to a Male-to-Male converter mounts and spring hangers couple of wiring harnesses may be daunting only! Drilled in it to fit the air source assembly of an air chuck for tire! Would see the newer style ARB 's Toyota 8 '' air locker, ‘ 89 Monty SWB 1100! Is drilled and tapped you start fishing the airline is bent it is time to assemble the fitting... Damaged or misplaced pressure switch electric locker and compressor are various types of locking Buy. And discard the gears installed catalog the terms Jeep®, Wrangler, MOPAR®, & Rubicon are for... Bulkhead fitting on the air line have seen of any product offered the. Tire, or lockers as they are commonly called bad depending on the switch, relay and harness. Except the ARB Store completed i attached the ARB pressure switch remove the needed! Is very important, as that is attached to the proper settings for the ring bolts. The brake lever through and away from the included in-line fuse holder the fitting pack be built without thread or! Image above you will just connect the hose attachment to the locker and the compressor switch directly to manifold!