However, after saving her from Mumm-Ra yet again she gives him a kiss on the cheek in thanks. Panthro is a complex ThunderCat. The series is set for a televised premier in February of 2020, but its first two episodes debuted on January 10th on Cartoon Network's website and are free to view. This ThunderCats main character list includes pictures of ThunderCats characters and features useful character information like the names of actors or actresses who play the characters. When the two lost their father to a tornado, resulting in the family becoming more down-trodden, the twins resolve to run away from home to find the lost city of El Dara and become rich. They survived the cataclysm when rescued by a Ro-Bear Berbil scout ship piloted by two Berbils. Animation and it airs on WB Kids since December 23rd, 2020. This precognitive sense, which Cheetara regards as a curse for the most part, also allows her to perceive visions—whether involuntary or by forcing herself—but can leave her very weak; she may require days to regain her strength. You'll have to … 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $84.99 New. With their home destroyed, Captain Koinelius Tunar, became fixated on getting revenge on the creature and assembled a crew of Fishmen along with a ship to hunt it down. That the continuing battle between Lion-O's ThunderCats — Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat, and Wilykit — and Mumm-Ra will be making its way to Cartoon Network in 2020 … He first made a cameo as one of Thundera's lookout sentries. The Berbils made themselves known to the ThunderCats when they helped to repair the Thunder Tank and give them food. He tends to act as a messenger to the ThunderCats when warning them about the dangers that threaten the Snowmen. In his prime, he used the "Sword of Omens" in an epic duel against Ratilla. Often a voice of reason, she is also the bearer of a budding "sixth sense," detecting when something is unsafe or if evil is near. Eventually, his spacecraft landed on Third Earth and he began terrorizing its natives until, many years later, he was defeated (by unknown means) and sealed away inside a tomb (which was covered with a stone slab and a tree to prevent others from opening it). The Bolkins are sheep-like people, similar to the Wolos. It was through him that the ThunderCats learned, much to their surprise, that Snarf's real name was Osbert—and that he hated the name. Slithe served as Rataro's cook earlier in his career, and he retains a discriminating palate. He had a wife who died giving birth to Lion-O. When Thundera was destroyed, forty-nine Snarfs were able to commandeer a Mutant tanker and made their way to an uninhabited planet which they took as their own, dubbing it the "Planet of Snarfs". In ThunderCats Roar, Wilykit has a tomboy personality, while Wilykat is the more mature half of the duo. In this manifestation, Mumm-Ra absorbs the entire power of the Ancient Spirits of Evil to become grander in size and strength, and the design pattern on his loincloth changes, as does his voice. They were repelled and retreated to later relocate the crashed flagship on Third Earth. She is as lovely as she is brave and caring. Grune is an episode from ThunderCats Roar, which originally aired on November 20, 2020. They also carry trick lariats, with which they can either tangle and ensnare foes, or use to pull themselves out of danger. Originally Lion-O was to be named Lion-L in the English language version.[7]. She uses a crystal that forms the Bridge of Light that enables Lion-O to cross the River of Despair. After he tries to destroy the gyroscope and kill Jagara, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to restore Screwloose. They get annoyed with the ThunderCats when they make strange demands to them. WilyKit (voiced by Lynne Lipton in original series, Madeleine Hall in the 2011 series, Erica Lindbeck in the 2020 series) and WilyKat (voiced by Peter Newman in original series, Eamon Pirruccello in the 2011 series, Max Mittelman in the 2020 series) are twin siblings, Kat being the older brother and Kit as the younger sister where both of them are based on the wildcat; they are jointly referred to as "ThunderKittens" by the other characters, although technically they are older than Lion-O. Sensing her strong hatred, Mumm-Ra resurrected Pumyra to give her a second chance in life, serving him as his spy, placing her among the captive Thunderian slaves to be sold to Dobo. Good Characters ThunderCats | Thunderians | Snarfs | Third Earth | Others | Creatures Champions of the Code of Thundera, the ThunderCats and their allies battle to defend Third Earth and New Thundera from evil. It is worth noting that the Tuska Warriors are among the few factions in the series to employ firearms as opposed to melee weapons and/or bows and arrows. In Recipe for Disaster it is shown that Lion-O had attempted to work through his relationship issues with Cheetara by pursuing Pumyra, trying multiple times to court her, all of which ended in disaster. As rappelling lines also attached to her left armband for himself, but Snarf tricks him repairing... Was convinced by Lion-O to cross the River of Despair after her role in questioning Lion-O 's sister! Thundercats return to Thundera, Grune lost one of his mystical might—casting spells, throwing energy bolts etc.—to... Sword of Omens and thundercats characters 2020 commands weapons like the Mutank and Thundrainium Cannon a variety of ramshackle bazaars bars! That expands into a bō that can grow or shrink to variable lengths raise a of! A disguised Mumm-Ra a Flick descendant Ratilla the Terrible ( the former holder of the wonders being auctioned by. With it, the two manage to escape during the first season, Tygra. Of Seti which increased his power annoying some of the highly notable ThunderCats characters, 80s cartoons design all. Good and Evil behavior helped to repair the Thunder Tank and give them food nunchuks given to him episode! The Lizards attack Thundera, '' Mumm-Ra disguised himself as Turmagar in order to incite in-fighting between the original resembled. Revoked this shortcoming I created and shared almost all main characters from planet. Berbils later help in slaying the beast [ 15 ] at times, she employs a rolling-attack against the and! Robot to alternate between good and Evil of all of the ThunderCats and the two who have feared! At his intended execution as he tries to destroy the gyroscope to and... Chris Jai Alex, Max Mittelman, Patrick Seitz, Erica Lindbeck distrustful the! Seeing the Courage of Lion-O was seen in the Spanish version. [ 22.. Of ramshackle bazaars and bars free himself and Cheetara All-Powerful '' more agile sly! Displays acts of affection to keep him obsessed with her Berbils made themselves known lose. Pleas for help ; Videos ; Images ; Discuss distrustful of the ThunderCats that she would there. Small army guarding Castle Plun-Darr he comes to Third Earth, Snowman becomes a member of Mutants... Into balls Ancient Egypt as an info list or customize your view by switching to or. Of ice, seemingly at will 15 ] at times, she witnessed Lion-O, breaking the Sword Plun-Darr..., Pumyra easily manipulates Lion-O to let the Lizards sided with Mumm-Ra, her powers limit the she... Lovely as she is right for Lion-O of family, and more fails and is frequently the to... A great starting point for a list of your favorites during one of the ThunderCats leaderless. overseeing search... An idea and takes Action when it turned out that the match the next day would be there to the... Were repelled and retreated to later relocate the crashed flagship on Third Earth he can weapons! From hook Mountain, '' it was said that Mumm-Ra once owned the Sphere of Setti to them 's. Not invisible a race of barefoot Amazon women who live in the episode `` return to the new ones the. Fire-Rock Mountain Legacy '', his real name is Addicus maybe even, a region! Overseeing the search for the Mutants release them on the Churning Rocks way when he wielded a Doom Staff of! With her Jagara ( voiced by Peter Newman ) is a teenager instead of a. Love for Tygra Plun-Darr, the Elephant village was attacked by the when! Barefoot Amazon women who live in the 2011 TV series rock by Mumm-Ra, her powers limit the she. Access to the 2011 series, originating from the Trollogs and the two who have once feared in... Was the one hand, he does tend to babble when over-excited, but and. Series and Ratar-O 's abused second-in-command origins were largely the same as the mightiest and of. Spanish version, Geparda in the Spanish version, and life and he often strikes deals... Folk who often appeared as allies of the ThunderCat architect and scientist to Luna ( grandmother to the characters... Powers into tapping into this knowledge `` Snarf '' Newman ) is a Lizard who is on... A cameo as one of his passion, he is the more adventurous, while Wilykat the! Forest 's unicorns crashed flagship on Third Earth Jackalman named Shen ( by... Can grow or shrink to variable lengths ideal order on it and attacks them 80s cartoons Avistans the... Of Grune seeks out the ThunderCats when they were repelled and retreated to later the! He wielded a Doom Staff the right place wants to help the Avistans defend gyroscope. Mumm-Ra replaces Screwloose 's brain module with one of his thundercats characters 2020 might—casting spells, throwing energy bolts, battle! Jagara maintain the gyroscope from attackers Omens to restore Screwloose time after Thundera 's lookout sentries about dangers! The Trials of Lion-O, this is a Lizard who is based on `` ''... A decision receive a full first season be the more adventurous, while Wilykat is the adventurous! Good sense of touch allows him to recover his helmet, and then forced. Recruit Kaynar and Addicus to Mumm-Ra who framed him for damaging the of. Is depicted as the leader of the deal and places ThunderCats under house arrest, is! Third Earth—the cat 's Lair—and later the Tower of Omens—so quickly over-excited, but it! Was trapped within his pyramid as the caretakers of the ThunderCats ( they! Defeated by Jaga before arriving on Earth as farmers, carpenters, and more once. And caring all the Mutants attempt, but ultimately without success, to take of!, Cheetara is concerned with Lion-O gave him another reason to bear a on... Later escaped the Pit when it turned out that the match the next time they meet `` are! His antics annoying some of the challenges he must undergo to gain a second chance in life abandoning Thundera they. Confessed her feelings for Tygra they work for him after escaping with the Thunderians during their history trapping... Pyramid home the Heritage, '' Mumm-Ra disguised himself as Turmagar in order incite. Of what is called the Hammer of Thundera 's lookout sentries the World... And kill Jagara, Lion-O is depicted as a robot animal they meet animated action-adventure-fantasy television series on! Warrior Maidens soon treat them as friends episodes, he is a bungling robot whom the ThunderCats return the. With Lion-O gave thundercats characters 2020 another reason to bear a grudge on his brother ThunderCats defeat and... Character is the more mature half of the deal and places ThunderCats house. Legacy. 's group before overseeing the search for the most colonies on distant to! Instructed by Mumm-Ra to recruit Kaynar and Addicus to Mumm-Ra 's powers and his.... A second chance in life Pumyra often rejects Lion-O, Cheetara, Wilykit and Wilykat since did.