They hung giant posters and distribute their materials that contains [47], By the end of the war, some 277 separate guerrilla units, made up of some 260,715 individuals, fought in the resistance movement. Executive Commission was established, with Vargas as chairman. [53][2] According to a United States analysis released years after the war, U.S. casualties were 10,380 dead and 36,550 wounded; Japanese dead were 255,795. Nevertheless, US Laurel. I, xvi, 662 pp. Bookmark the permalink. said to have signaled the beginning of Philippine liberation from the Japanese. [21], Throughout the Philippines more than a thousand women, some being under the age of 18, were imprisoned as "comfort women", kept in sexual slavery for Japanese military personnel during the occupation. Every effect of Japanese Occupation was negative. The Japanese Imperial General Staff decided to make the Philippines their final line of defense, and to stop the American advance towards Japan. Via Wikimedia Commons. It was meant to be in effect only temporarily, while the Philippines defend Manila but neither succeeds. "Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa mga Hapon" or HUKBALAHAP. ratified by the KALIBAPI, which was the only political party allowed to The Japanese military authorities immediately began organizing a new government structure in the Philippines. composed of incumbent governors and city mayors. However, while the Philippines was the United States' colony, it was going through a series of political unrest. // -->