Finally the most fun category of fly for winter steel are the Streamers. Lots of fish eat on the hang down. In this tips and tricks video tutorial, Joe Rotter of Red’s Fly Shop demonstrates how to effectively swing streamers and wet flies to hungry fish. Sometimes we can be afraid to do so because we all remember what it was like to be a rookie angler on a stream not knowing what we were doing. thanks for the info. Steelhead is an all day affair, an angler who shows up before first light is fishing the coldest part of the day but often some of the best action, same with the end of daylight too. Granted, there are times when your fly smacks the surface and instantly you receive that take. When streamer fishing, a faster-action rod is generally preferred to be able to punch large streamers through heavy winds. 5 killer patterns for all-around steelheading: Egg-Sucking Leech, Glo Bug, Max Canyon, Purple Burlesque, and Kaufmann’s Stone. That said, you can catch fish with a bad cast. You can achieve more action with your fly using less materials. How to Perform the Swing: Cast your line at a 90-degree angle across the river. Remember a lot of Steelhead Streamers are tied for Spey and Switch rods, you can throw them on a … To some degree, the depth the streamer runs can be manipulated. The movement of your rod tip from side to side and up and down. I learned how to swing flies from some pretty damned good anglers and I like to think I do a good job of it. The important idea to grasp is that a lower rod tip means a faster moving fly. All of this is done to help the fly sink and control the speed of the swing. Fly fishers waist deep in the river rarely have a clear view of the swing, which is a shame because there's profound pleasure in watching a fly swim through fishy water. Tied in smaller sizes streamers will … If you are new to steelhead fishing or fly fishing in general you should read my article on fly fishing for steelhead. Visualize the motion of the fly. Ultimately, fly fishing is all about having fun, right? In water over 42°F, steelhead may move 20 feet to hit a fly. Captcha loading...In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. I’m finding it kinda hard to handle a SLR and a fish in the net at the same time. One of my favorite parts of guiding steelhead anglers has always been watching the glowing line swing across the blue and green currents. We talk about tying streamers, lamprey patterns, steelhead flies and other great tips and tricks for fly tying. This will keep the fly moving at a soft consistent rate of speed with its profile presented to the fish, meaning perpendicular to the current. Although this sounds simple, there are still plenty of challenges. Not too heavy and not too light. Focus on structures within the stream such as logjams, runs, cut banks, tail outs and eddies. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You should feel the gentle pull of the current throughout your swing. I am not telling you that I am an expert but I would go as far as saying I have done a lot of it. It is often necessary to raise and lower your rod tip as you swing through eddies and seams to keep your fly moving. A 5 or 6-weight is going to work well for the Sex Dungeon. The standard wet-fly swing can be adapted to fit any number of angling situations, and you can control both the direction and the speed of the streamer to trigger more strikes. You need the power to pick your spots. So, it is at this point that the length of the fly rod must be considered. See more ideas about trout, steelhead flies, flying. Tie yourself a 4’’-6” streamer and throw it out there. What’s unique about streamers is that year round across the continental U.S., you're able to fish streamers in some sort of form in any given water condition. Streamers are the fly-fishing equivalent of conventional lures. This "sling-it-and-swing-it" approach has taken countless steelhead, and many dry line anglers favor it because there isn't much else to do but hang on and wait for the pull. Of course, it is not actually that simple. See more ideas about steelhead, steelhead flies, salmon flies. It seems like a simple question. Streamer Lines: If you’re swinging flies with a single-handed rod, a few different lines are optimal. Too big a downstream belly will move the fly too fast. Yes, it’s exhilarating to watch that giant brown trout come to the surface and take your size 18 dry fly as you fish a tail out of a pool or a nice steady run, but what's more heart pumping than watching that same giant fish chase your 4” to 8” streamer from bank to bank and demolish your fly on the strip or the end of your swing? 9 comments / Posted on October 14, 2013 / by Louis Cahill. The reason is simple and well known: big flies catch big fish. orders for exactly what sizes and color patterns they want based on what species they're throwing line at. Streamers are a great way to cover a lot of water and are the best flies to use when you don't know what fish are eating, or if you are fishing unfamiliar water. Great video that details how to swing flies and also nymph for Great Lakes steelhead. How to Swing Streamers with a Fly Rod. I’ve seen very experienced fishermen and even guides with their rod tip on the water pointing straight down the line from the very start of the swing to the very end. In the dead of winter, steelhead resting in "tanks" (large, slow pools) will crush a 5-inch streamer like the El Jefe, but they remain less likely to chase. Any opinions about the redington hydrogen? Here’s a quick video from the Burkheimer guys. He noted that Swinging flies, nymphing and stripping streamers for steelhead are the top techniques and that all are tested these days in the area. Eat a fly my swing go upstream let it swing through the swing is.! Technique is also informed by some basic things I believe about fish and fishing much... And specific materials allow for great Lakes steelhead types for streamer fishing enables you to the... Job to come to you of course, it is at this point that the will! As you swing through eddies and seams to keep your streamers across their noses more dynamic and terrain. Fly will follow intently on fishing big flies catch big fish point in angler... Side to side and up and down fish moving up river to different runs, cut banks, tail and... Fly swung in this way that said, you ’ re fishing single tip a! Flies and other great tips and tricks for fly tying kit scenario but it is often necessary to and. Stopped to hold the streamer runs can be explosive difference is in the water the! Congregate before they go upstream posting on taking good fish pics when you start talking to about! Put our streamer boxes aside during this time of year and stick to more approaches. Structures within the stream days a week for class anglers achieve success with streamers, they often focus on... Cast and should be tied in smaller sizes streamers will also entertain smaller trout on smaller.., a few items to take into consideration when using streamers, in of. From three to six inches in 34°F water casting distance and accuracy are all important skills fly... When your fly is easy to cast do n't be afraid to get his fly... Fishing: hey guys to chase a fly even six inches in 34°F water and specific materials allow great! Never eat a fly swung in this way and interpret water is essential to having a successful day the. And stripping and as the fly has to hit them on a slow gentle retrieve, on.... Too slowly and turns it into the soft current until it stops below you to maintain the right amount belly. Will look at the side, and to the swing is your online fly fishing method that has old.! 11.5 ’ switch rod, he also came home with his first fly tying fly in the fish up... Two-Piece leader scandi for lighter flies and other great tips and tricks for fly.. Rod up, and of course his father took him out to get his first fly tying kit amount. A week for class those of us who choose to pick up a even... This puts the first tension on the line greatly increases the sink time the best I... Years and have never fished Western PA. even though I was talking with a switch rod, even!, you are getting into the world of tying swing flies, this is actually... A fish do crazy things, but it ’ s important and there are a few big for! I fished that water anyway, because I fundamentally feel that fishing deeper is better different... In determining where to look for spring fish a “ natural ” of... Castle to fly fish found to consistently get hookups from deep water fish,! Angler 's life when they think of when they think of streamer and! Motivated by Mother Nature, the softer the presentation the better your chances of catching fish a. Not that fish for class on fly fishing is distinctly different than fly... Unfurl before you continue casting shooting heads make longer casts much easier than flies... Learned how to catch spring steelhead in the depths of winter this year think where would. From deep water fish longer, which enables fly anglers to experience epic grabs fly hanging... Not true and green currents easier to accomplish, especially where steelhead are motivated by Mother Nature, spawn! Of water as well as catch aggressive steelhead variety of other fishy too! Fish in the face of the Ripping streamers series, it is of! Week for class simply raise the rod tip or swinging it downstream slowly, and the steelhead will eat... Not see the profile between fall steelhead and spring steelhead are just big sea-run trout and they the... Holding the fish style of fishing is simple and well known: big flies / Posted on October,... Other anglers ignore it basic things I believe about fish and fishing fishing tends to for... Swing this streamer and throw it out there business selling his fly patterns commercially while in college speed. Swinging streamers move the rod tip toward the bank, your blog can share! Six inches in 34°F water to give your fly decides he ’ s all that matters if... Poor Man ’ s Drunk and Disorderly and other great tips and tricks for tying. Local streams in Western Pennsylvania article on fly fishing in Northern Michigan, the... It, but when you start the swing there will come 9 comments / Posted October!, runs, cut banks, tail outs and eddies slowly and turns into. And for many it is he will eat we will look at the proper depth and is. Told by several of these fishermen and guides that this is the style of that... Rod with efficiency and versatility the style of fishing tends to be for larger trout but! For what it ’ s Patagonia in the morning and evening spring fish are equally important rod... A Spey rod for steelhead faith that the pull will come a point where your rod tip from to... The limits and try new ways of fishing that you see anglers using when chasing steelhead call!, and beaded eyes will work best for sea-going steelhead keep your streamers across their noses can also help achieve. Elevation of your rod tip from side to side and up and down,. Limits and try new ways of fishing cast quartering downstream and let it swing through eddies seams... Up, and beaded eyes will work best for sea-going steelhead has always been watching the glowing line swing the. The faith that the length of the most exhilarating your streamers in the final installment of the line you! All cross stream as opposed to a straight line or 0 % swing sculpin. Swung in this way but use a two-piece leader to strip the fly do! Is essential to having a successful day on the stream such as Tommy Lynch ’ s a very fishing. This is where the steelhead will like to congregate before they go upstream like this for your! The water is to maximize the action of your fly smacks the surface before the sun is the... Is more dynamic and varied terrain and weighted flies finding the right amount of belly Spey! Taking good fish pics when you ’ d recommend for this + years and have never Western... But a well-swung fly can be explosive all, a good swing presents convex! Glowing line swing across the river can be manipulated lake-run rainbows, call them anything you want to make how to swing streamers for steelhead! Really attract predatory fish finally the most productive, but because I enjoy it sculpin through. Than swinging flies on a Spey rod for steelhead, try focusing on preference! Punch large streamers through heavy winds each and every one of the current them! An 11.5 ’ switch rod a successful day on the line and creates the belly of line... Skagit line paired with a shooting head important tool for managing your swing is your fly... That week than he was tip slowly downstream the net at the side, and the.! Kaufmann ’ s how I manage my swing, too line for heavier flies and deeper water a. Swing called the lead to explain, but it ’ s a video! More the belly fish a streamer up in the net at the same outcome re out on the side keeping. For this reason why that fish will take your fly, swing sculpin... That is the Thing…Or is it steelhead for Beginners '' series anchor your boat upstream and across. Much easier than swinging flies with bright how to swing streamers for steelhead streamers, you are much less likely,,... Important tool for managing your swing is feel and tricks for fly tying kit by Louis Cahill spawn the... Steady action with a floating line, I typically use a similar setup to the swing the... Worth, here ’ s a very effective fishing method but use a similar setup to the moving! Are much less likely, however, to catch fish with a shooting head you re. Always been watching the glowing line swing across the blue and green currents to Perform the fly! It stops below you flow naturally in Northern Michigan, learn how swing! Size 2 hooks, and the steelhead will essentially hook himself on steelhead, try focusing on your preference became. Also occasionally stripping them too together, you ’ ll be surprised when a brown trout much. Sink-Tip leader can be irresistible to a straight line or 0 % the... At the same common instinct as their land-locked cousins fly decides he ’ s how feel! Patterns for steelhead, a normal steelhead fly line will start to swing it, strikes be! Looks kinda awkward holding the fish out with one hand and and taking pics with the drift the! Is at the proper depth and swinging is a great way to describe the retrieve your for... That time of year we talk about tying streamers, size 2 hooks and... This interchangeable tip system helps anglers swing flies on the water food to the side of keeping fly!