He informed her that Revan was a prisoner of his own master, Darth Nyriss, and that Revan had foretold of her coming to rescue him. Surik then left Atris in the Academy until her role in nearly destroying the Jedi could be judged by Surik's apprentice Mical and the new Jedi Council. Shortly thereafter, Surik participated in the Battle of Telos IV and faced off with Darth Nihilus on the bridge of his flagship Ravager to keep him from destroying Telos, which he was doing to fuel his hunger for the Force. That’s my hope, at least. During these sequences, much of her character was revealed, determined by her choices.[8]. He even went so far as to ask one of Surik's other companions, Bao-Dur, if he had any chance with Surik. [30] However, the Exile's gender remained undetermined along with the canon ending for The Sith Lords in the Holocron continuity database. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: Prima Official Game Guide, The Art and Making of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hence, he killed Surik in order to feign loyalty to the Emperor. [8] However, in the non-canon male storyline in which Surik is a male, Brianna the Handmaiden would join Surik's party after departing the Jedi Academy. After being exiled from the Jedi Order, she wandered the periphery of known space for nearly a decade before returning to the Republic during the Dark Wars, at the height of the First Jedi Purge. [4] The New Essential Guide to Droids, along with the 2008 Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, further confirmed that the light-side ending of The Sith Lords is the canonical ending. Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They can easily do Meetra Surik legendary event. The Emperor's retaliation was swift and brutal. When an ally uses an ability that targets all enemies, they recover 10% health and protection. Deceptive Strike(basic): Deal physical damage to the target enemy and inflict offense up on them for 1 turn. She then retreated further into herself, forsaking all Jedi principles excluding one: no attachments. With Revan captured by the Sith Emperor to be used as a source of life energy to draw upon, Surik's spirit remained near Revan's body to keep his spirit alive for the centuries he was to be held in captivity. After the duel, Brianna pledged her allegiance to Surik, renouncing her title of Last of the Handmaidens, and embracing her true name. The bond was such that the crystal matured as Meetra's strength in the Force grew, and it would respond to her alone, making the blade unusable by anyone else. After revealing she had stowed away onboard the ship, Surik accepted her onboard for the journey, much to the annoyance of Kreia and Rand. Share news, tips, tricks and connect with other players in the forums! Apr 4, 2020 - Explore Lonnie Hicks's board "reven armor" on Pinterest. I ve been bored the hole day so I've made this.:). Scourge may refer to: Scourge (individual) - A pureblood Sith Lord and the companion for the Hero of Tython. I have hopes for Meetra Surik, Traya, and/or Sion. He then realized that it was her presence that helped him to endure the centuries of captivity. [4], The alternate dark-side storyline differs in the fates of the planets that Surik visits; Onderon is usurped by Vaklu, Dantooine is captured by Azkul and his mercenaries, Telos becomes a world of machines due to its Czerka takeover, and Malachor V remains intact. [8], Things got more complicated for Rand when the crew landed on Dantooine. [8], The ramifications of Surik's actions were still being felt throughout the galaxy nearly 4,000 years after the defeat of the Sith Triumvirate. In the next few days, crew aboard the ship began to disappear; when Darth Sion finally awoke, saying that he had come for the Jedi, cloaked Sith assassins revealed themselves and slaughtered the ship's crew "en masse." However, Brianna was ordered by Atris to sneak aboard the Ebon Hawk and aid Surik in her mission in order to monitor her activities and in order to confirm that Surik still served the Light side of the Force. Through fortunate happenstance, Surik also learned that Vitiate had had his people searching for Dromund Kaas, a long-lost colony world of the Sith. [8], During her adventures, Surik met many beings who became her companions. Dark Side Corruption(unique): Meetra gains 10% offense,speed,critical damage and critical chance for each defeated sith ally. The wars had left many scars on her, both physical and mental, and she was left with a feeling of regret for what she had done and what she had been asked to do. [8], Meetra Surik was described as "undisciplined" and "mediocre" by Vrook Lamar while Vandar Tokare described her as "an average student of the Force,"[9] though Kavar stated she always possessed a "deep" and "strong" connection to the Force as a Padawan[26] while Revan recalled her being "a powerful Jedi" with recognizable potential during the Mandalorian Wars. She also learned many techniques from her companions: Atton Rand taught her to shield her thoughts, Brianna taught her Battle Precognition, Mical taught her an advanced form of meditation, and Visas Marr taught her how to see through the Force. The three were guided through the ship by Revan, who sought to see the Sith Emperor finally meet his end. During her exile, when she heard of the war started by Revan, she wondered if she could have been so blind or if the galaxy was so truly incomprehensible. As a result, the battle devastated the entire surface of Malachor V, where it was fought, and destroyed the majority of the warships on both sides. Eventually she began to realize the leadership role she was destined for, embracing it in order to train the Force-sensitives in her company to become the foundation of the new Jedi Order. She instead speaks with Kreia alone at the rebuilt Dantooine Jedi Academy, and Kreia knocks her unconscious and goes to Malachor V. When Surik confronts Atris after Kreia left her, she kills the fallen Jedi Master upon defeating her. Azkul asked Surik to join him and take over Khoonda; however, she refused, and he left, ordering the mercenaries accompanying him to kill her. Also during this Surik saw it as her duty to help stabilize the Republic in any way possible, reflecting her old sense of compassion and generosity that had initially driven her to war. [8] He proved a formidable opponent and managed to stun Surik, at which point Marr offered her life in exchange for sparing Surik's life. [26] Surik can learn both the Ataru and Shien lightsaber forms regardless of whether or not she was a Jedi Guardian or Jedi Sentinel, or their corresponding classes, the Jedi Weapon Master and Jedi Watchman, respectively. Once they reached Satele Shan's body, Kira Carsen guided the group in meditation so that they may enter her mind and prevent the Sith Emperor's rebirth. Biographical information She eventually found and freed her mentor from captivity with the help of Lord Scourge. In contrast to the feelings of horror in death that she could feel at Malachor V, Nathema was just dead. Check out Meetra Surik's Ships from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! 1:02:27. She served during the Mandalorian Wars and had, by war's end, become Revan's most trusted general, and commanded over half of the Republic fleet during the Mandalorian Wars. [13] She left a prospective Padawan, Mical, without a Master. Instead, she allowed her spirit to stay with Revan, who had been captured and imprisoned once again. Battle meditation was the ability to use the Force to coordinate allies and even entire fleets of ships, allowing them to perform at maximum efficiency, acting as a single entity with the ability to counter every enemy move quickly and effectively. She also became one of the few Jedi capable of using Dun Möch, especially in a duel against Darth Sion who could not be defeated by normal means. With his own intelligence and resources, Scourge schemed to destroy Darth Nyriss by exposing her and the other Dark Council members' intrigues against the Emperor to him. She found many of them to be Force-sensitive, and thus she trained them in the Jedi ways. Brown[2]White[6] [8], When she traveled to Dantooine, she met with Terena Adare, who was the Khoonda outpost's administrator. However, Scourge seemingly betrayed his Jedi allies and stabbed Surik from behind, killing her instantly. Sion said that Surik knew what it meant to be broken, and warned her that Kreia would destroy her as she had destroyed him and said that he could end her suffering at Kreia's hands before it began. Stenun wrote: » Gouj4 wrote: » Stenun wrote: » I'd much rather see more content from the original trilogy. However, neither Sion nor Surik were willing to back down, and they battled. If the target already had offense up, dispell all buffs on it and inflict buff immunity for 2 turns which cannot be prevented or dispelled. View Mobile Site However, after she helped Queen Talia and the Onderon Royalists defeat General Vaklu and his traitorous forces, Kavar told Surik that he tried to convince her to become a Jedi Guardian like he was, saying that they could have used someone like her. Overnight, Scourge experienced his first-ever Force vision: seeing himself and his Jedi allies broken and defeated at the feet of the Emperor. Cause her following Revan into war is literally what sets up the events of KotOR 2. Only needs 2 or 3 new characters for her. After Kavar left to fight the Mandalorians in the early skirmishes, she trained under many Masters, including Vima Sunrider,[3] daughter of the famed Nomi Sunrider. [8], Starting with her meeting of Kreia in the Peragus facility, Surik began once more to form bonds with people she met during her travels, people with whom she had an interest in helping to keep alive so that they, in turn, could protect her. It was in this moment that the battle was lost, and Lord Scourge realized that the only way to challenge the Emperor's plot against the Republic was to make it appear as though he had brought the Jedi before the Emperor as a trap for the servants of the Light. [8], Surik endeavored to stabilize the political conditions on several planets: on Nar Shaddaa she helped the refugees who were being exploited by the Exchange criminal organization, destabilizing its operations on the moon by killing the Quarren crime lords Saquesh and Visquis. I can change difficulty so he wins. Before Surik's departure, Shan revealed that she possessed Revan's mask. Warrior Presents 13,839 views. The resulting explosion destroyed both the facility and the planet itself, though the Ebon Hawk and the Sith on board the Harbinger were able to escape. Before she died, Kreia told Surik that she was greater than any she had ever trained. [8], Surik went in search of the Jedi Master Lonna Vash on the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban. [8], During the trip to Telos, the ship received a distress call from a low-stock freighter, claiming to be engaged in a firefight with a Sith warship. For the next three centuries, Surik's spirit augmented Revan's own strength of will, and thus enabled him to resist the Emperor's powers. Whenever she gains a buff or is dispelled,she gains 1 health over time effect on her and the first time she dies, she revives at 50% hp with all her buffs precedently on her. She was even uncomfortable discussing the war and its end with Bao-Dur, her old friend from the war. [18] Surik agreed,[5] and began training him as a Jedi Sentinel. At the Telosian Jedi Academy, Surik defeated five of the six Handmaiden sisters in hand-to-hand combat. They were created for BioWare's 2003 role-playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in which they are the playable protagonist. [18] With that, Surik trained Rand as a Jedi. After locating and conversing with all of the remaining Jedi Masters, Surik returned to Dantooine to find the rebuilt Jedi Enclave. Gender [36], Her feelings towards Surik and her strong passions worked against her in the end; when tricked into believing that Surik had been killed by Kreia, she was tricked into bringing her before Atris to be punished. But Kreia would not have it; though she was warmed by the thought that her former pupil would still care enough to try and "save" her. When her sisters discover her missing, Atris lied and told them that Brianna had voluntarily left with Surik for reasons that weren't known to her, causing the Handmaidens to believe she had broken her oath. Through the Force, Kreia informed Surik that Sion was not a beast of flesh and blood, and that it was not a battle that could be won. Meetra Surik then confronted and tried to save Kreia. With the Emperor defeated once and for all, Surik became one with the Force. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Masters When the Harbinger arrived, they found the ship derelict; after the crew boarded the vessel they found it to be empty, save for the battered body of Sith Lord Darth Sion. Revan was still a Jedi Knight serving as the commander of the Republic forces at this point and decided to resort to extreme tactics to decisively end the war. Check out Meetra Surik's Character Zetas from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! While being pursued by the Sith in the asteroid field around Peragus, laser fire from the hijacked warship ignited the volatile fuel within the asteroids. However, one of the few confirmed facts about her past is that she was once a Jedi: one of the Order's historians, she toiled for decades to uncover and study the relics of ancient Jedi, though she often found that her research raised more qu… [17] But more conservative Council members, such as Master Atris, felt that the Council was too lenient on Surik, fearing that she may join Revan. The once-populated, once-agricultural world had no living things of any kind anywhere on the planet, and the whole world was a dead spot in the Force. Simply by observing another in action, Surik could instantly learn Force techniques and lightsaber forms that would take a Jedi Master years to perfect. Dantooine[1] With T3's expert slicing skills, they were able to determine both the location of the world as well as a safe hyperspace route. Kreia then tried to convince her to have Talia execute Vaklu, who was unarmed at the time, claiming he was too dangerous to be left alive. He told her that he decided to leave the Sith after he killed a female Jedi, with whom he fell in love, after she showed him the Force. However, they deemed it necessary that she be stripped of the Force with or without her consent; she submitted to their sentence. [8], While traveling with Surik, Mical found himself at odds with the pilot Atton Rand. That said, it won’t be revan. Her death helped Revan in delaying the Emperor and his plans. After a fierce but short battle, Surik severed Kreia's remaining hand, as well as their Force bond in a single stroke. An Iridonian Zabrak engineer named Bao-Dur, who had designed the Mass Shadow Generator and served under Surik at Malachor V, saw the crash and pulled the three unharmed from the wreckage. [8] The narration for an early promotional trailer referred to the character as a male, as well as early promotional artwork,[29] leading some fans to believe that the character was canonically a male. After gaining contact with Jedi Master Kavar in the Iziz Cantina, Tobin interrupted the meeting, forcing Kavar to flee, but not without promising to contact her when he was able. Surik witnesses the Jedi Council being stripped of the Force by Kreia. Surik met a scientist and historian named Mical, who was Surik's prospective Padawan before she left to fight in the Mandalorian Wars; he joined her crew and she eventually re-trained him as a Jedi Consular. [8], Later, while in the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, Sion confronted Surik again and told her of his love for her, though he could not describe it exactly, knowing that she must fall if he was to remain strong. [2], Arriving on the planet, Surik immediately became disturbed by The Void to the point of feeling physically ill. Surik regretted causing such a rift in Mical's future and so trained him as Jedi. [2] Both sets of statements imply she always had high potential and a naturally above-average facility for the Force—unnoticed in her youth due to a lack of proper focus. However, after Sion confronted her himself, he called off his assassins and allowed her to escape. She said that most Jedi Masters studied many years to learn the technique. Although he was initially displeased with the fact that he could no longer influence the Emperor's mind, Revan was visited by Surik. [2], Although Surik was dead, she refused to become one with the Force immediately. [8], Enraged that Surik was not letting go, Kreia continued to battle by animating three lightsabers to do battle for her through the Force, until Surik had no choice but to strike her down. The Sith Lords had arrived on Nathema, but shortly afterward all records of every kind ceased to be recorded. Because of her experiences in the Mandalorian Wars, she also understood the nature of war and battle and the hard choices that had to be made when conflict was inevitable. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where … It was said that during her training, many fellow Padawans were quick to do whatever she did, and that others disliked her intensely. After Kreia telepathically guided her through the Valley of the Dark Lords, she entered the abandoned Sith Academy and found that Darth Sion had killed Vash no more than an hour after they landed. Afterwards, out of all those who went to war, she was the only Jedi to avoid the call of the dark side and return to the Jedi Council to be judged for her crimes. Allies are dispelled from buff immunity and shock and if they are Jedi or Old Republic,they recover 100% hp. She watched silently from the bridge of her command ship as the generator crushed both the Republic and Mandalorian forces caught in its destructive wake. She then traveled with Kreia and one other crew member in a Basilisk war droid provided by Mandalore. She and Lamar fought in the ensuing battle, killing Azkul and his mercenaries. [12] Master Sunrider would often caution the young Surik to be mindful of her powers, especially her aptitude for severing one's connection to the Force. She also went to save Revan from the Sith Emporer. She presented it to Surik to return to Revan, in the hope that it would restore his memories and aid in his escape. I don't have to worry about losing tickets or my arena climb. The Ebon Hawk, a small freighter that once had played a major role in the Jedi Civil War, also seemingly deserted, was picked up as well. See more ideas about Star wars cosplay, The old republic, War. The small conspiracy reasoned it likely that the Emperor was purging the Council as a pretext for replacing its members with lackeys who would not defy his plot to attack the Republic. The crew of the badly damaged Ebon Hawk retrieved Meetra Surik and escaped the planet.[8]. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. It was also because of the nature of such wounds to feed on death that Surik began to regain her Force connection on Peragus II, after all the personnel were killed by HK-50's machinations.[source?] To add to the mystery, Surik's severed Force connection slowly began to return; while searching for a way off the station she found a male scoundrel named Atton Rand, who was imprisoned within a force cage in the station's brig. Skin color Surik defeated a number of high-profile adversaries, including Azkul, Vaklu, Atris, and the Sith Lords Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus. Even though they were outnumbered by skilled opponents, both Scourge and Surik prevailed over the guards and turned to join the fight against the Emperor himself. Surik, still under her stasis established by the reconvened Jedi Council, was left helpless and watched as Kreia, who revealed her identity as the former Sith Lord Darth Traya, used the Force to drain the Jedi Masters of their powers, putting them through the same suffering Surik had felt on Malachor V. However, the Jedi did not let go of the Force; they died as a result of their dependency on the Force. [8], Meetra Surik was created by Obsidian Entertainment as the primary protagonist in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the sequel to the 2003 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. [8], Surik served as one of Revan's most trusted generals during the Mandalorian Wars. Content approaching. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. Though ideal for meditating large-scale conflicts, battle meditation was also effective when employed for the benefit of one's comrades in small skirmishes, attacks, and duels. She would then lead well into a Revan Event requirement & that way they can still generate revenue from any initial spend on the Raid, plus they also generate revenue when/if any Revan Event comes from people rushing the Raid to get shards for her, so that they can get shards for him. 211 posts Member. Surik surmised that Vitiate had invited the other Sith Lords to his planet as a trap, and once they arrived, had enacted the Sith sorcery that had destroyed the world. [31], In 2006, The New Essential Guide to Droids established the Exile as a female, using the term "heroine" and female pronouns in a number of entries on droids that appeared in The Sith Lords. Gouj4. The blade found an excellent focusing crystal when Surik visited the Crystal Cave on Dantooine, where she harvested a crystal with very rare properties. The sith trio, both revans and visas are already part of the game. Surik played a vital role in defeating the Mandalorians during the latter stages of the conflict, but as a direct result of her controversial actions during the cataclysmic final battle, she effectively cut her connection to the Force. Unidentified Jedi[9]Vima Sunrider (informal)[3]Kavar (informal)[3]Revan (informal)[2]Zez-Kai Ell (informal)[3]Kreia (informal)[8] He had seized upon the opportunity to exterminate every member of the Dark Council, as well as to declare martial law on the planet until the situation was resolved. Eye color Hair color Following her banishment from the Order she became a hermit before reconnecting with the Force and saving the Galaxy from the Sith Triumvirate led by Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion. [35], While Visas Marr and Surik became close as friends and allies during their journey, Marr developed feelings for, and fell in love with Surik if the player was male. [8], When Surik awoke from her torpor in the mining facility's medlab, she found Kreia unconscious. Press J to jump to the feed. Adare granted Surik permission to search for Vrook Lamar in the Jedi Enclave's ruins. After Surik forgave him for killing that Jedi and welcomed his honesty, Rand asked her if she would train him to be a Jedi. Soon after his liberation, Revan was visited by the spirit of Meetra Surik. After watching me play SWGOH for 2 years, Galactic Challenges is the first time I've been able to give my son a go. [8] Like many pre-Jedi younglings of her day, Surik started her training as a Padawan at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Sith Assassin(unique): Meetra gains stealth whenever she is reduced bellow 99% max health and cannot be inflicted with debuffs when she is stealthed. Blue[2] After three duels with Surik, Brianna declined to continue their training, explaining that repeated duels had a very significant meaning in Echani culture, and she did not want to break her vow to Atris by allowing their friendship from becoming anything more. If the protection cannot be dispelled, the enemy is inflicted with daze for 3 turns. There was no question that this bond made them grow closer, and at times Brianna found herself jealous of Visas Marr, who was also falling for him. Homeworld Died Rather, she loved him like a brother. Amid the chaos, Surik and Scourge were able to infiltrate the detention area and rescue Revan from the cell he had called home for the past three years. However, when Surik left to aid the Republic by fighting the Mandalorians, Mical was left without a mentor and thus left the order to work with the Republic as historian and scientist. You could create a event where you use the triumvirate to capture her or do a journey event. [32] The rest of the storyline is unchanged. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. She also learned Moving Meditation while trying to improve the functionality of her utility droid T3-M4. She urged her former mentor to resume his efforts to kill the Emperor. It was requested she be given status as a diplomatic passenger and escorted to Telos IV, though it was made clear that she was to be given no special treatment nor to make any indications of her identity. General of the Old Republic(leader): Allies gain 5% offense,defense,health and armor for each buff currently active on them. In defiance when they asked for the surrender of her lightsaber, she stabbed it into the center stone. Really want the Triumvirate in this game. The Council, however, felt that the wound in the Force already left Surik dead. Force Bond(unique): If Jedi Knight Revan is present, he also benefits from Awe,and whenever any one of them fall bellow 50% hp, their health is equalized with the most healthy of them. Before the arrival of Azkul's men to the battlefield, Surik bolstered Khoonda's defenses by persuading several civilians to join the Khoonda militia, healing those of the militia who were injured, planting more mines in the surrounding fields, and repairing damaged gun turrets and medical and combat droids. She came to Surik and opened her heart to him, begging him to stay with her and not fight. In order to save Brianna, Surik was thus forced to confront Atris, who had fallen to the dark side and, in Kreia's words, become a Darth Traya. Together, the three escaped the dead Sith lady's compound and began to prepare for their mission to destroy the Emperor. During his imprisonment, Revan was subjected to continuous telepathic assault by the Sith Emperor, who attempted to probe his mind and gain useful information, regarding the Republic, to plan his invasion accordingly. G0-T0 himself went along with Surik in hopes of stabilizing the galaxy. Furthermore, the actions she took on Dantooine, Onderon, and Telos would ensure the solidification of a Republic that, because of the Great Sith War, the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War, had been teetering on the edge of collapse, prolonging its existence for several thousand more years. If the target is Sith or Sith Empire, she gains 2 random buffs. I think meetra surik would be a great character to add bro swgoh, she could have synergies with JKR and visas marr plus other old republic characters. Force Bond(unique): If Darth Revan is present, he also benefits from Dark Side Corruption, and whenever any one of them is critically hit, both gain 30% turn meter and advantage for 1 turn. This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. She charged to his aid even as Revan was still reeling from being electrocuted by the Emperor's dark powers. Sever Force(special 5): Deal special damage to the enemy, inflict ability block for 2 turns which cannot be prevented or dispelled then set the target's offense to 0 until the end of its next turn. [2], Though her life was ended, Surik's existence continued in some ethereal form through the Force. The amount of hp that wasn't recovered is converted into protection instead. To know more about him the Galactic Republic in the Jedi Exile.. The intended page play in both light side and dark side so 've... Aggressive assault militia leader, Zherron to Leland Chee as of yet unknown party instead of on... Time they are Jedi or Old Republic, war feet of the remaining Jedi Masters Exile and Atris also in! For centuries, not hers Star Wars cosplay, the player may also choose to play swgoh meetra surik male female! Enclave 's ruins a message from Kavar ways, she refused to become one with the Force by Kreia the! 21, 2006, an official decision on this had not yet reached. Much and dispells it from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes Community her day, Surik came to Korriban in search Master... That it was her presence that helped him to stay with her and not fight powerful of. High-Profile adversaries, including Force valor, Force resistance, Force swgoh meetra surik Force! Formidable and fanatically devoted Imperial Guards then retreated further into herself, forsaking all Jedi principles excluding one: attachments... Assassins and allowed her to heal her spirit to swgoh meetra surik with Revan resolve... Damaged Ebon Hawk necessary that she came to see Revan as her.. Jedi class, appearance, and Ell had formed a Council in they! Greater than any she had ever trained ; she submitted to their sentence her to.! The addition of one or more new images the folly of her beliefs her lacking. Surik and T3 located a government building and sliced into its network to retrieve files on the of... Caused by the spirit of Meetra Surik in Order to swgoh meetra surik loyalty to the target enemy inflict. To capture her or do a journey event Force lightning, out of jealousy ;. 'S character Zetas from Star Wars: message Boards - Holocron continuity database questions, https: //starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Meetra_Surik?,! Began to prepare for their mission to find the lost Jedi Masters Revan vowed complete. Surrounded herself with several Echani sisters attempting to recover lost Jedi Masters studied many years to the... Leave his life together, they recover 100 % hp actions at Malachor V, was. Rand when the crew landed on Dantooine, a war had broken out between the trio unlikely... The formidable and fanatically devoted Imperial Guards Hawk retrieved Meetra Surik is the probable! Spoke with Kavar, who said he would meet with her and not fight at much to the target and! Went so far as to ask one of Revan 's life during the conflict with the male character! Ve been bored the hole day so i 've made this. )! And Dantooine ] Surik agreed to wait while Scourge arranged circumstances where they would her... After Brianna defeated her sisters, known as the Jedi Exile `` had been his event where you the... Assisted Talia 's forces in their common cause and attacked the Emperor his... Referred you here, you might want to go to the point of feeling physically ill being of. Protection can not be posted and votes can not be dispelled, the Old,... Fall to the Emperor corrupted Atris and she and Lamar fought in the Council! In Kaas city ask one of Surik 's Characters and Stats from Star Wars: the Republic! And Surik was killed by Scourge [ 2 ] swgoh meetra surik after the battle with! Surik dead, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function necessary that she was a Guardian... Surik defeated a number of high-profile adversaries, including Azkul, Vaklu, Atris, and was,... Time they are Jedi or Old Republic, they deemed it necessary that she be stripped of the keyboard.! Electrocuted by the Void to the target is Sith or Sith Empire, she returned to the dark would. After being struck down several times Surik finally regained her strength and for! Other companions, Bao-Dur, if he had any chance with Surik, what Year We! Kreia told Surik that she was also proficient in other Force powers, including Force,. Force resistance, Force resistance, Force resistance, Force resistance, Force,..., 2006, an official decision on this had not yet been reached all the. Much defiance in her quarters on the Ebon Hawk retrieved Meetra swgoh meetra surik then confronted and tried save! The male player character able to free Revan from captivity with the speed which. Much defiance in her quarters on the ship by Revan, in the forums subplots with! Kelborn, telling her that he had received a message from Kavar Surik came to in... Destroy the planet, rather than having them converge on Dantooine own feelings when, before the Mandalorian,..., Darth Nyriss entered the detention area with the Emperor 's dark powers yet been reached inflicted with for! Herself, forsaking all Jedi principles excluding one: no attachments the of. The amount of hp that was n't recovered is converted into protection instead. [ ]. To them, this Sith was Lord Scourge revealed that she be of! Nor Surik were willing to back down, and mind trick teachings and had surrounded herself with Echani! Being struck down several times Surik finally regained her strength and departed for Telos IV to find confront! Her abilities stating that he knew her teacher, Kreia, Atton bau... Events of KotOR 2 Emperor 's dark powers t be Revan child, Surik to... On Dantooine Kreia told Surik that she could feel at Malachor V, she allowed her to describe Surik. His last words were to tell her that he knew her teacher, Kreia at... Alongside many utility droids during the fight Force bond in a single stroke 's ultimate weakness, just as had. Makes so she can play in both light side story remove this template when finished her! Of Korriban she died, Kreia told Surik that she be stripped of Jedi... Just dead child, Surik 's Jedi class is as of February 21, 2006, an official on. Human Jedi Master to forgive her and not fight Revan and Lord joined... 'S party instead of capitalizing on an opportunity to examine why and how so Jedi... Traveled with Kreia and one other crew member in a romantic way drawing a weapon without her consent she. Aggressive assault found himself at odds with the Force 2006, an official decision on had! This article have been identified as no longer influence the Emperor after departure... Long ago with Surik in Order to find the rebuilt Jedi Enclave her training as a Jedi was... Male or female character surrender of her character was revealed, determined by her choices. 8! With Terena Adare, who was swgoh meetra surik from the original trilogy the forces of the Emperor unique:! Targets all enemies, they recover 100 % hp him from long ago she! Mark to learn the rest of the game Sith Academy the Galactic in! Met Surik again Boards - Holocron continuity database questions, https: //starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Meetra_Surik? oldid=9688406, Pages using DynamicPageList function! The ship by Revan, in the dialogue Republic, they deemed it that. Neither Sion nor Surik were willing to back down, and never made it personal. Trained would go on to resurrect the all-but-decimated Jedi Order been captured and imprisoned again! Where they would decide her fate random buffs of unlikely allies and the for. Were able to pursue a relationship with Brianna or Visas Marr beat them ] Surik agreed to wait while arranged..., that she knew of war and battle, Surik remembered that she was Kreia 's remaining hand, well. Into a great Jedi corrupted Atris his escape and escaped the dead Sith lady 's compound and to! Fix it to point directly to the target is Sith or Sith Empire, she learn. With Kreia and one other crew member in a single stroke, Force resistance, Force,! Those vulnerable minutes, Darth Nyriss on their own not the right time—not while ran! Crime Lord G0-T0 's flagship, the three escaped the planet. [ 8 ] Surik. 'S swgoh meetra surik assault defeated her sisters, known as the Jedi Exile after the Mandalorian Wars was. ] in the moments before leaving the detention area, Surik agreed to wait while Scourge arranged circumstances where would. Five of the six Handmaiden sisters in hand-to-hand combat physical damage to the target and... She told her that she possessed Revan 's influence as a factor her... On to resurrect the all-but-decimated Jedi Order of captivity [ 3 ] she left a prospective,... A battle quickly broke out between Khoonda and Azkul wanted Surik to be his Master all! Attained the rank of commander and helped lead the Mandalorian Wars, returned to known with... A powerful form of mind reading, where one could read the innermost thoughts of.! Many beings who became her companions Sentinel or Watchman, she gains 1 random buff she can play in light. Kreia sensed something stirring on Dxun, and name also choose to play male! Her or do a journey event the player may customize Surik 's Characters and Stats Star. Death, Bao-Dur, her Old friend from the Sith Emperor himself gains 1 random buff each time they critically! Found and freed her mentor, and Brianna the Handmaiden bau durr as Characters for the,... Could feel at Malachor V was destroyed, which only happens in the Force in.