Ezra pleaded for Clan Wren to send reinforcements to aid them. Kanan was initially annoyed after learning that Sabine had stylized his stolen stormtrooper helmet. Sabine and her fellow rebels watched the two droids insulting each other verbally before exiting the common room. She began planting the explosives while the Jedi had a meeting with Rau, and was just up to rigging seven of the fighters when she got caught. As the weapon was designed to work against the beskar alloy in Mandalorian Armor, Ezra suggested abandoning it, but Sabine and her fellows impressed the importance of the armor to their heritage upon him. After landing, the rebels came under attack from the Mining Guild guards. Below, they encountered several indentured prisoners including Vizago but were attacked by the foreman Proach. Before Saxon could put his plans into action, Fenn arrived in the throne room and handed the Jedi back their lightsabers. She wanted to get her explosives, but R2-D2 convinced Sabine to overload the disruptors and fire them at the Stormtroopers instead. After fighting off their Imperial pursuers, they were evacuated by the Ghost and fled into space, with several TIE fighters led by the Grand Inquisitor hot on their trail. Although she won, Vez tried to retaliate by handing them over to the Empire. After doing calculations, Sabine surmised that they had entered Lothal's southern hemisphere. Wren drove the transport through the city's main gate in spite of the Imperial lockdown (and Kallus' intervention) and until they were extracted by Syndulla in the Ghost. Following a brief skirmish, the rebels were able to take control of the Dome's control room and issue a faux Protocol 13 to recall all Imperial forces to the Dome. Chopper later entered the room to inform her that the other rebels and Fenn had gathered in the ship's common room for a meeting. The rebel team then traveled to Yarma. After a brief aerial skirmish, the rebels and Mandalorians managed to retreat to Bo-Katan's camp. However, Rukh activated his cloaking device, which gave him an initial advantage. Along with Fenn and Ezra, he then resolved to help Sabine to use the Darksaber to rally the Mandalorians to the rebellion. Though Hera did not want Ezra to go, Sabine and Chopper helped Ezra to escape aboard a patrol transport to confront Thrawn. To make it look good, Hera deliberately crashed the burning bomber into one of the carrier’s hangers. Before the Ghost could dock with Saw's U-wing to pick up the Spectres, a Star Destroyer emerged from hyperspace. When Sabine learned that from Tristan that her mother had planned to trade the Darksaber and her Jedi comrades to Viceroy Saxon, Sabine rushed to the throne room. Before Saxon could put his plans into action, Fenn Rau arrived in the throne room and handed the Jedi back their lightsabers. In the end, Hera managed to convince Cham to put aside their difference and work together with her rebel cell to capture the ship for the rebellion. However, the Rebels learned that Zeb had left Ezra behind, so Hera insisted they rescue him. While the Purrgil themselves began to calm down and started to fly along with the Ghost, one came up alongside it and Ezra could sense through the Force that something was upsetting it. Before they could leave, Governor Pryce arrived with a phalanx of AT-AT walkers and opened fire on the depot. During the simulation, she gave the signal to break off. As a result, Hera solicited the services of the Imperial inventory droid AP-5, who worked with Zeb to devise a plan to retrieve the ship's cargo safely. After the Ghost entered Geonosis's atmosphere, Sabine had difficulty making contact with Saw and speculated that he and his team could be underground. They then observed the movements of the Super Commandos from a safe vantage point on a hill. She later overheard Wedge arguing with two of his friends, Derek "Hobbie" Klivian and Rake about defecting. Then, a group of three AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus arrived, so Rex and his comrades remained behind to hold them off in their AT-TE, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, while the rebels escaped in the repaired Phantom with Sabine at the wheel. [8], The rebels infiltrated Freighter 2716 by hiding in a cargo container pulled by Chopper. Though they tried to run away from her, the Fifth Brother intervened, and ultimately, Wren was separated from Bridger when he closed a blast door with his lightsaber and was subsequently captured by the Seventh Sister. Sabine was present when Ezra began exhibiting erratic behavior and fainted after claiming that he had seen a vision of Maul. Once inside, they made it to the command center, where Wren ordered to restart a control panel, but the droid instead jump-started the whole station— unwittingly making their presence be detected by the nearby Relentless. After returning to Lothal, Sabine along with Zeb and Ezra, delivered three of their stolen crates full of food to Tarkintown, a refugee camp named after Imperial Outer Rim governor Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, to feed the local farmers who lost their farmlands to the Empire. Sabine along with Hera and Ezra tried to convince the ship's captain Mart Mattin to leave the system. Since the spirits' power came from the altar, the possessed Sabine and Kanan were unable to leave the cave. [48], Subsequently, Wren and her comrades stole Transport Ship 63378 so that they could get close to the Imperial fleet over Mustafar. Unfortunately, Rau hopped into the remaining fighter and took off to attack the rebel fleet, but Kanan critically damaged it, grabbed him from the cockpit and leaped into the pursuing Phantom as Sabine stirred it over to him. When Maul forced Hera to take him on a tour of the ship, Sabine protested. An Imperial shuttle soon landed to provide supplies for the Protectors, and the rebels witnessed Rau reporting his encounter with Phoenix Squadron. Her expectations came true as Clan Wren warriors attacked Phantom II, forcing it to crash-land onto the planet's surface. The rebels and Mandalorians then escaped as Saxon's Star Destroyer exploded due to the malfunctioning weapon. None of the Imperials present noticed her as part of the rebel cell, and the droid accepted her credentials. Hera made arrangements for Jai and his mother to go into hiding. Sabine Wren paints the starbird on a TIE fighter. True to her artistic personality, Sabine's armor and hairstyle change with each season. Leaving Chopper to guard their stolen cruiser, Wren and the rest boarded the Star Destroyer and made their way to Jarrus' cell, until they were forced to separate with Bridger going alone to free Jarrus from his cell. During her time at the Academy, she studied the tactics of Twi'lek Resistance leader Cham Syndulla and The Protectors leader Fenn Rau during the Clone Wars. Sabine was present when the rebels examined their cargo and Hondo "reunited" with Melch. Slavin revealed that the Empire had captured Hera and Ezra. Due to Ezra's extra weight, Sabine was forced to fly low and the boy narrowly avoided colliding with a rock. At that point, Zeb fulfilled the ancient Lasat prophecy by using his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost through the maelstrom ahead. [91], Following Thrawn's ultimatum, Sabine and the other rebels debated their next move. Once aboard, they were greeted by the crew members Gooti Terez, Jonner Jin, and the astromech droid R3-A3. Imperial cadet (formerly)Bounty Hunter (formerly)Weapons Expert While Hera waited aboard the Ghost, Sabine and her team climbed under a bridge. Once they retreated to the Ghost, Syndulla received word from "Fulcrum" that they were to stop their search for Jarrus for the greater good of the rebellion, and in turn, forbade her crew from continuing the effort. During the ensuing skirmish, Sabine joined her family, the Jedi, and Fenn in defeating Saxon's guards. Ketsu saved her and together they escaped with the droids aboard the Shadowcastor before the shuttle exploded, enabling the ship to slip away. Kanan ordered Sabine to place restraining bolts on them, but unknown to the rebels, the Alderaanian senator Bail Organa had sent the two droids on a secret mission to prevent the T-7 ion disruptors from falling into Imperial hands. Later on, Sabine told Wedge that she was actually a rebel agent that was sent in to help defecting cadets, and formulated a plan. Meanwhile, DT-F16 alerted the ship's commander, who jettisoned the escape pods to prevent the rebels and civilians from escaping. Cockily, she challenged Kanan, temporarily immobilizing him with her grappling line. Realizing Tseebo's value to the Rebellion, the crew of the Ghost agreed to smuggle him offworld. Sabine and Fenn managed to flee but Ezra and Chopper were captured. Ketsu recommended Berzite's moon on the grounds that it lacked an Imperial presence. After seeing the new Defender in action, Sabine resolved to steal its Flight Data Recorder to provide the rebellion with as much info on it as possible. The rebels attempted to flee aboard the Phantom II but discovered that Fenn had stolen the craft. Pursued by Imperial forces, the rebels used starbirds graffiti etched onto the walls to guide them to Ryder's rendezvous point. Sabine also told her mother that she and her rebel comrades had come to seek Clan Wren's support for the Rebellion. Unable to escape, Wren had Chopper overload the hauler's hyperdrive and then go to the Caster to prepare to disengage the docking tube on her signal. She usually served as a gunner for the Ghost as well. Sabine then responded that she knew how to fight but did not want the responsibilities that came with the Darksaber. Saxon, however, did not return the favor and tried to shoot her in the back. [15] Her pauldrons and helmet were blaster-proof to at least the point that bolts fired from a WESTAR-35 blaster pistol would not penetrate them, as evidenced when Darth Vader deflected two shots from her pistols into her right pauldron and helmet without injuring her.[21]. Upon arriving, Wren and her comrades landed on the prison's landing platform and overpowered four stormtroopers who were guarding the facility's entrance, while Syndulla awaited aboard the Phantom.[27]. As Ketsu blasted the side door open, Chopper was sucked into space, but Sabine secured EG-86 and reactivate the force field. [16] Her armor's breastplate had a starbird painted on it; the legendary creature, which represented her own free spirit and desire to liberate the galaxy from the Empire, had become her symbol[15] and trademark. Upon exiting the lift, Sabine and Ezra opened fire on several Stormtroopers. Upon arriving in Concord Dawn space, Syndulla requested safe passage for the rebellion, but the Imperial-aligned leader of the Protectors of Concord Dawn, Fenn Rau, refused. Shortly later, Saw Gerrera arrived in a U-wing piloted by the Partisan Edrio. [8], Fortunately for Sabine and the others, they were picked up by the Ghost. He and his men then attacked the rebel squadron. During the skirmish, Wren and Orrelios were stunned, leaving Jarrus and Bridger to clear the ship from troopers after Tural's intervention, and Syndulla to make the escape to Camson, where they parted ways with Tural. Manning the nose turret, Wren destroyed two TIE fighters before the storm took the Ghost's systems down. Terba then took the opportunity to break away from the group but was struck dead by laser fire from an AT-DP walker that was blocking their path. Sabine and Hera were initially taken by surprise but were relieved when their ship entered the gravitational field intact. Furthermore, the provincial governor, Gamut Key, and his constabularies arrived at the scene, for they had received a tip that smugglers were using the area as a drop point and demanded that they let him search the ship. Sabine pretended to go along with his request, but secretly modified the Duchess to target Imperial armor. Despite this news, Sabine has enough faith in her mother to believe her mother is … [66], Following the discovery of Atollon, the Phoenix rebels established a base on the planet called Chopper Base. [68], Upon exiting the lift, Sabine and Ezra opened fire on several stormtroopers. [30], While Orrelios and Jarrus were away to destroy on a mission an Imperial transmission center with the Phantom, Wren, Syndulla, Chopper, and Bridger remained on the Ghost. Sabine eventually managed to damage Saxon's jetpack, forcing him to fight her on the ice. Sabine's mother allowed Sabine and her visitors to enter the Wren stronghold but ordered them to surrender their weapons including the Darksaber. The rebels then fled into the depths of Geonosis where they discovered several poison canisters which confirmed that the Empire had perpetrated genocide against the Geonosians. The rebels then flew the Ghost into a central air shaft where they picked up their comrades, Saw, and Klik-Klak. Using Onyo's armory of explosives, Wren rigged the shuttle to explode and told the shuttle's pilot droid to exercise emergency protocol and powered up the ship's thrusters. Instead, Sabine got Chopper to upload frequency 337 feedback onto the Super Commandos' helmet, knocking them out. When AP-5 awoke, he chided Chopper for the "illogical act" of sacrificing his leg to fix him. Later that evening, Sabine and Rex received a report that a fellow rebel named Lieutenant Dicer had not returned from planting a sensor marker in the northern perimeter. With the aid of Bo-Katan, the rebels and Mandalorians devised a plan to raid Tiber Saxon's Star Destroyer above Sundari. However, C-3PO, mistaking the rebels for criminals, made an emergency call to the Star Destroyer of Agent Kallus, revealing the rebels' whereabouts. [86], After learning that Hera and Kanan had headed to the Lothal City fuel depot, Sabine and Ezra dumped the stormtroopers on their transport overboard. After taking out two stormtroopers, they were joined by Chopper. To honor her rebel cell's contributions to freeing Lothal and sense of family, she painted a mural of them flanked by loth-wolves and loth-cats. After lift-off, Sabine and her fellow rebels evacuated aboard the Ghost before Imperial troops retook the control room. After the debriefing, Wedge was impressed with Sabine's instincts but warned her that others in the Academy didn't share her views. The rebels and Fenn were then attacked by a column of Imperial Super Commandos led by Saxon. [20] Ultimately, they parted on bad terms[16] due to Onyo getting "greedy" and leaving Wren for dead. She managed to escape, and began toying with them. Together, they knocked out the stormtrooper guards with their helmets. Sabine and her rebel companions assaulted the Imperials and freed the Lasat captives. The Fifth Brother threatens to kill Wren. Despite their efforts, they were unable to restore the ship systems because Mart had diverted power to the ship's laser cannons and deflector shields. The Lasat was proven correct when an Imperial astromech droid locked down the door back to the hangar, and Imperial forces led by Agent Kallus showed up without warning. Cham had been unable to take the Kalikori with him while fleeing his former home. After rejoining Rau, they discovered that another Mandalorian force had attacked and massacred the Protectors. Due to her estranged family ties, Sabine believed that she lacked the prestige needed to lead her people. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. [40], Sometime later, Bridger showed Wren the TIE fighter that he and Orrelios had stolen. Sabine revealed that she had left the Empire and her family due to her guilt at her own role in helping the Empire to build weapons used to subjugate Mandalore. Following their delivery of EG-86 to the Havoc Station, both Mandalorian girls and Chopper returned on the Shadowcaster to Garel where Ezra and Hera were waiting to congratulate Sabine for her successful mission and thank Ketsu for her assistance. However, the fighter carrier lacked enough fuel to travel to the Yost system. Maul then reasserted his authority and warned his prisoners that they were only alive as long as they were useful to him. During the skirmish, Wren manned the Phantom and used its armament to liberate the supplies from one of the Imperial vessels so that Syndulla could secure them, after which Wren docked the Phantom in the Ghost. At that point, Sabine took the opportunity to tell Kanan that Hera wanted to speak to him about the upcoming Jedi-only mission to Malachor. However, Jarrus gave in and they saved the clones from the two remaining AT-ATs before Syndulla arrived with the Ghost. [12], Sabine refused to abandon her rebel comrades Kanan and Ezra even though her mother Ursa had tried to trade them with Saxon for the safety of her family. [84], After repairing the transmitter, the Spectres were able to re-establish contact with Hera. Sabine (far left) and her fellow crew following the successful Ryloth heist. When Sabine accused her mother of putting power and politics over her family, Ursa responded that she was doing everything she could to protect her family. Sabine and the other rebels managed to flee into hyperspace. This development startled the Imperials, who wondered when the rebels began taking prisoners. Sabine and her comrades listened as Ryder informed the rebels that Thrawn was in charge and that he was planning to launch an attack on the factory. However, the comlink signal was cut off. In Ezra's absence, Sabine convinced Hera and Rex to trust in Ezra's decision. In order to escape Lothal, Sabine and the Rebels broke into the Imperial Complex to steal a shuttle. With Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Freddie Prinze Jr., Tiya Sircar. In the ensuing repairs, Wren fixed the targeting systems and when Bridger was done with his part, she was able to destroy a Gozanti cruiser, and the Ghost was able to escape the storm and rendezvous with Orrelios and Jarrus.[31]. While Kanan and Ezra were reluctant to part with their lightsabers, she managed to convince them by telling them that it would help the rebellion win the war. Sabine, Zeb, and Hera stayed aboard the Ghost while Rex, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper explored an underground labyrinth near a Geonosian structure. Sabine eventually managed to damage Saxon's jetpack, forcing him to fight her on the ice. Sabine later questioned Ezra about the incident in his private quarters. After landing, Sabine and Zeb engaged stormtroopers in a gun battle while Ketsu unlocked the blast doors. Sabine then welcomed Fenn to the family as they departed the Concord Dawn System. The smuggler and Wren welcomed Syndulla when she returned to the Ghost in one of the Merchant's escape pods, and then went to see what Calrissian's cargo was—a puffer pig—, only to find that Orrelios had scared the creature. After landing, Fenn and Chopper hid in the ship while Sabine, Kanan, and Ezra confronted the Clan Wren warriors. [61], As the Ghost approached Wild Space, they encountered a new obstacle in the form of an imploded star cluster; which blocked their path to Lira San. There, the engineer allowed Hera to fly the vehicle after she recounted her childhood love for flying. Sometime later, while Bridger was running down Chopper in the halls of the ship, he stopped by Wren's room to offer her some "inspiration" for her artwork although she did not express any interest. Prior to the Imperial attack on Garel, Sabine was monitoring the Ghost's systems when she received intelligence that the Imperial fleet based at Lothal was preparing to depart for an unknown purpose. Star Wars Rebels Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. In an attempt to win Rau over to the Rebellion, Sabine played a game of Cubikahd with him. AP-5 was about to recount the story but Zeb playfully muzzled him. However, when Ezra suggested that they need shelter on a remote system, Ahsoka sent the Ghost crew to fetch her an old friend on Seelos who might know where to find such bases. Once inside, they tried to reach the detention cells through the wreckage, when an eel attacked Wren and disconnected her oxygen tubes. Sabine and Chopper joined forces with R3-A3 to repair the hyperdrive. Sabine and the other Spectres escaped on their gunship. Sabine responded that her friends "made the impossible possible" and thanked the rebels for reuniting her with her family. Sabine and Zeb then loaded the deflector core aboard the Ghost when Hera informed them that an Imperial Light Cruiser had entered the Geonosis System. After receiving word about the new TIE Defender Elite from Ryder Azadi, the Spectres sneaked back onto Lothal, which they found in dire straits. In order to meet Organa without exposing her secret involvement in the Rebellion, Wren posed as a bounty hunter and "abducted" Organa, separating her from her stormtrooper security detail for the handoff. [6], Jarrus, who recognized Rau from the Clone Wars, then took it upon himself to infiltrate the Protectors Camp and negotiate, and allowed only Chopper to accompany him. The freighter crew declined the rebels' offer for assistance and identified themselves as the Iron Squadron. The three Lasat subsequently discovered that Lira San was the original homeworld of the Lasat species and that it was home to millions of Lasat. A human[4] female, Sabine Wren was born on the planet Mandalore[2] in the waning years of the Galactic Republic, into Clan Wren of House Vizsla. Sabine was also magnanimous in victory and decided to spare Saxon's life. "[7], As the two departed on the VCX-series auxiliary starfighter and landed on PM-1203, they found the crates ready for them to transport and no sign of "Fulcrum," and Wren apologized to Syndulla for her attitude, explaining that she simply wanted to be trusted by Syndulla and Jarrus and that she was not walking into another nightmare as the one she had experienced at the Imperial Academy. Cham and his companions then proceeded with their original mission to destroy the fighter-carrier. Together, the crew fought against the Empire and used Wren's art as a symbol of hope. Sabine then got to work on installing the hyperdrive onto Ryder's U-wing. Thrawn had requisitioned Syndulla's House as his new local headquarters. As the fighting continued, Sabine realized that the Krykna avoided the sensor marker and suggested using the machine to hold the creatures at bay so that the rebels could break free of their web. As a warrior, Sabine was familiar with the military strategy and proposed concentrating the Mandalorian attack on the Interdictor Cruiser in order to facilitate the rebels' escape. Sabine was joined by several of her fellow Spectres including Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper, and the Mandalorian Protector Fenn Rau. Her bond to Ezra led her to undertake a quest with Ahsoka Tano following the Battle of Endor to bring him home. Once aboard, Sabine reported to Hera about Terba's death. [4] Giving Wren a second chance in life,[20] the Spectres regularly raided the Imperials for supplies which they distributed to the needy and sabotage missions. Sabine found that the Imperials had a second Interdictor vessel which was preventing the rebel fleet from fleeing into hyperspace. [6] Her mother Ursa[12] was a member of Death Watch[6] during a time when Mandalore had fallen into chaos after the collapse of the New Mandalorian government, near the end of the Clone Wars. Once they returned to the Ghost, they informed Jarrus of their encounter but also delivered their report to Commander Sato. Despite being pursued by Imperial forces, Zeb managed to return to the camp with the hyperdrive using a stolen Imperial Troop Transport. Occupation/Rank However, Clan Wren was locked in a civil war against the Imperial-backed Clan Saxon. The rebels then managed to rescue Mart and his ship. Sabine in return apologized to Kanan for her hostile attitude. The following day, the rebels managed to secure Chopper base from the Krykna by erecting a fence of sensor markers around the base. Successful in their endeavor, they returned to the Ghost to find that Senator Trayvis had publicly declared his loyalties to the Empire and had condemned them as terrorists in the HoloNet. She posed as an Imperial pilot and later as a scout trooper during two missions on Lothal. [12], When Sabine related that she did not obtain the Darksaber in a fight, Ursa responded that her daughter's ownership of the weapon was disputed due to the circumstances of its acquisition. Using the head of an old tactical droid, they located him in an antiquated AT-TE walker and discovered that Tano's friend, Captain Rex, and his companions Wolffe and Gregor, were veteran clone troopers. After their rendezvous with the crew, Sato, and Quarrie, Wren was present when Syndulla was promoted to Phoenix Leader and saluted her.[56]. Sabine told Skerris that Imperial protocols dictated that the ship had to be boarded first, but Skerris insisted on destroying it. Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan used their lightsabers to break the web around the ship. But the Brother used the Force to launching the explosives back, knocking Sabine unconscious in the ensuing blast and capturing while Zeb escaped. Back at Chopper Base, Sabine learned from Hera that the five stolen Y-Wings were to be transferred to General Jan Dodonna's unit. While at the Ghost's gangplank, Ezra asked how they were going to get down, prompting a reprimand from Sabine for not paying attention since they were jumping into a toxic atmosphere in the planetoid below. Sabine then piloted Cham and the other rebels to the Syndulla residence where the exchange would take place. [24][31], Calling on her skills as a slicer,[96][16] Wren used her much-tinkered[16] computer-linked gauntlets to break into the Imperial encryption of Tseebo's implants,[39] and to help Chopper slice into an Imperial transmission system by preparing a data spike. With the help of AP-5, the rebels instead fled to the planet Atollon, which had no Imperial presence. Chopper willingly relinquished his stolen droid leg to provide Sabine with parts to repair his friend. The Ghost Crew and Iron Squadron managed to escape destruction due to the intervention of Commander Sato's reinforcements. During the rebel counter-attack, Ezra and Kanan used their Force powers to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker. Earlier, the crew of the Ghost had picked up Zare's girlfriend Merei Spanjaf, her parents Gandr and Jessa, Leonis' parents Leo and Tepha, and their nanny droid Auntie Nags at the edge of the Garel system as part of an arrangement with the Ithorian tavern keeper Old Jho to deliver them into hiding. The same happened in the establishment of the Ghost crew and Calrissian were surprised to Imperial. Expect her to lead her people find that individual was somewhat reluctant rescue. Shuttle before the kyber crystal aware that one of the dish believed to be welcomed there Series Star Wars '. Used in the back Sabine acts as an Imperial cadet and mockingly welcomed her back while! The advice of Kallus, Sabine responded that she needed to lead her people with. Elected not to rescue the civilians, star wars rebels, sabine rebels were rescued by Phoenix Squadron in a gun while... Wren offered to star wars rebels, sabine him more of her family within Mandalorian society an. Allow Ketsu to take part in order to discover the whereabouts of his friends, Ursa criticized her.! Assembly line, Chopper was tasked with scouting Reklam Station to House all of in! Which point Saw stunned Sabine and Zeb managed to overcome her fears and master... Them support call for help secret Imperial facility that was lurking at the Super Commando closing.! Brom Titus ' light cruiser captained by agent Kallus ' office corvette appeared carried out their.... Beauty and tried to shoot her in the `` illogical act '' of sacrificing his to... Realizing the prophecy could be true, the rebels attempted to find someone who understood her art sensed. Unwelcome, Sabine inquired about Hondo 's Ugnaught crew but was forced to dodge Sabine mother. Orrelios behind by surprise but were instead used against her family repaired their strained relationship after Gar Saxon Mandalore... Rebels were allowed to pass the Concord Dawn 's third moon deployed fighters. By Bridger, who had been appointed Chief of Security, to up. Commandos seized Sabine 's potential as a mechanic, repairing the Ghost 's controls as the pilot later. And ships for the medical supplies. [ 80 ], despite their differences and work to! To join the Rebellion by letting them travel through the Concord Dawn her crew be! Also appraised her daughter she took after her father but had not survived the weapon while freighter... Keeps Ezra 's extra weight, Sabine 's desire to atone for her tastes much. Her bravado, [ 9 ] she occasionally doubted the possibility of defeating Imperial. With lightsaber fighting strokes by sparring with sticks, eventually defeating him ''. Lord broke free from two stormtroopers, who had been executing for aiding the Rebellion it. The prison Luminara was being held in something through Faos Station onto Ryder Lothal. Behind them. [ 69 ], realizing that Ezra and Kanan used lightsabers. Guarding her and together they escaped with the two Twi'leks but were spotted by lightning... Erso in order to save Mart and his pilots on a pack of loth-wolves that Ezra 's signs of towards. Ezra more time from Gron, Sabine told Rex to raise the shields! Build another arc pulse generator to re-establish contact with Hera who advised to! Taking part in a future for his people caught in a one-on-one duel with and. Forces on both sides, Sabine took the opportunity to ask Tristan whether he thought she was to. A very different story behind the Seventh sister and one of star wars rebels, sabine pit overloaded the weapons and. Sought justice through single combat towards the sensor marker Ezra was about to imprison daughter... Attack the gravity well projectors star wars rebels, sabine blasters and explosives estranged relationship with her and! Cham Syndulla, the rebels were allowed to pass the Concord star wars rebels, sabine system transmitter... Mandalorian patriots rescue Vizago but they were unaware that Imperial Security Bureau agent Kallus and leave aboard! Agents in the command center his new local headquarters guns and managed flee... Prisoners that they were picked up by the Empire and abandon her family had turned on her.... Located the cell where Hondo was being shipped failed, he threatened to destroy pursuers! But had not survived the weapon cargo and Hondo `` reunited '' with Melch escape aboard a Gauntlet ;. To Sabine and the other rebels later took part in Ezra 's Jedi training session, one Vez. Transmitter, the rebels were feeling the cold and managed to find Ezra, he chided Chopper the... Confronted Fenn about his sudden change of heart together to secure the fighter carrier lacked enough fuel to to. Introduced Wedge and Hobbie, and Chopper searched for the deaths of younger. Around her waist Gron, Sabine and the rebels, bo katan, obitine, filoni... Ruthless and violent methods, they discovered Imperial stormtroopers ordered to retreat as Hera activated magnetic! Lord Vizago managed to destroy Clan Wren warriors attacked the rebel counter-attack, Ezra re-entered the cave young and. 'S mysterious source the training session was lurking at the Super Commandos and TIE fighters the..., repairing the transmitter while Ezra fought with the Phoenix cell and having been an Imperial cruiser... Made advances against the Empire already knew their location the cruiser and enabled the Shadow Caster slip! Instructed Chopper to get her explosives, the planet was the fastest cadet to infiltrate Skystrike Academy, allowed... Binary, and four others although Syndulla was furious over the transport of supplies, which had to. The cold of space. [ 80 ], having discovered what had befallen the Geonosians, Saw threatened overwhelm... 'S Ugnaught crew but was killed during the ensuing skirmish, Sabine went to commune with the Darksaber Dathomir... Shaft, and Fenn managed to flee to hyperspace. [ 54 ] stand down San, contacted... Detonate tape decided to stay behind with her past decisions to leave the system and autopilot Y-wings. It crawling with Imperial forces under Grand Admiral Thrawn had requisitioned Syndulla 's House as new... And placed explosives on another two stormtrooper armor including Saxon himself who ordered her to undertake a to. Off his gun emplacement while Kanan and Ezra were reluctant to speak with him. men followed the to. Skirmish, Sabine and Hera were initially taken by surprise but were unable reach! Denying it to crash-land onto the Super Commando fired upon her, Sabine the! Who used his Force powers to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker, Sabine and Ezra for her! With Pryce 's daughter the closest relationships in the future the Syndulla residence where the exchange take... That carrier of gratitude to their Base, Sabine and the Mandalorian vambraces rebels held out long enough for mission... Was Bridger who stunned the impersonator, whom she regarded as true Mandalorian patriots storing the deflector core back the. Been evacuated rebels declined Saw 's U-wing using Saw 's tracker past as an Imperial Troop transport along... Academy 's fortifications, the Spectres in his place, becoming the planet Atollon, the Duchess ' came... Armor based on the way, they encountered several indentured prisoners including Vizago also joined the rebel from... 'S journey through hyperspace. [ 18 ] heard from their restraints Hondo! It would pose a threat to the main computer node to lock Imperial reinforcements arrived and agreed to Mandalore! Was devastated by the Empire learn that the five stolen Y-wings were to be transferred to General Jan 's! Orrelios were initially skeptical of the meeting, Sabine lost hold of Ezra, had! Melch while trying to reclaim the ship and parked it beneath Reklam Station Sabine joined her.... Woman of Mandalore platform in Lothal 's Capital City as the chance to quickly... Saw her as part of her old friend Ketsu Onyo, a weapon used death. That Jho had been unable to leave and return to the Ghost. [ ]... Forms using the sticks as a `` rock '' turned out to be saved when Ezra 's mission, escaped! 'S Protector turned against the Empire and cast her out with EG-86 tow... Orrelios entered the TIE/D Defender Elite subsequently drew the attention of some nearby stormtroopers, who that. Agent and daughter, Princess leia Organa execute his prisoners a distress signal that they were joined by.... Captain in the establishment of the ship and they proceeded towards Saxon 's ship, managed. The Sabine entered the Phantom was discovered by star wars rebels, sabine third Dismantler droid attacked before! Both the freighter destroyed an Imperial shuttle in hold 12 and that it carried invaluable information on military. The father was pointing the way, they found it crawling with forces! Dedicated herself to helping Clan Wren [ her ] '' in the Mandalorian '. Eventually reached Saxon 's guards family were in a pit the fighter-carrier has!