Open map. …. Adams’ slightly shorter little brother is often climbed in tandem with the aforementioned peak. nh 4000 footers > plan your trip > trip ideas tips resources The mist was so thick that anything outside our circle may as well not exist. Some other hikers saw the moose on the trail the day we hiked it, and it was reported in the area a week later. Today, the Club is composed of active hikers whose travels in the mountains keep us informed with the changing conditions of the White Mountain backcountry. Even if we are not able to meet in person, we will still put together the slide show, and make it available to contributors. Bondcliff is the Michael Jordan of 4000 footers. That being said, the hike up Middle Carter was beautiful, as I got perfect views of the Carter Notch, and into the vast expanse of the Maine wilderness. None, nada. I couldn’t have done it without you. Eisenhower was stop #6 on my presidential traverse journey, and the Crawford Path down Monroe and up Eisenhower was a sight (feel?) One of the larger awards nights in recent memory, our April 27th event at Exeter High School saw several hundred hikers receive scrolls. Application: PDF (Indicate all season or winter on the application form.) Scary, but a fun experience. Along those lines, the Club announced it was contributing $16,000 in funds toward the maintenance of the Osgood Trail ($12,500) and Old Speck Trail ($2,500), as well as $1,000 to The Waterman Fund. See more ideas about trip, the mountain, mountains. When I approached the summit of Bond, 10.3 miles into a 22+ mile day, my legs, lungs and mind still felt just as spry, motivated and fresh as they did when I laced up my trailrunners and took off from the Lincoln Woods Trailhead (one of my favorite places in the Whites. A permanent benchmark stamped “NHLSA – 2019- Mt. The Flume Slide trail is pretty dam fun, and offers a decent challenge. Check. The AMC calls it the White Mountains List, but others call it the New Hampshire List because it does not include Old Speck Mountain in Please check our website for updates. Respect to East Osceola for being all about the grind, not the view. This peak is almost always preceded by North Tripyramid, which had one of the toughest trails on my journey. I loved running through the first 5 miles of the Lincoln Woods to get to the mountain, and embraced the growing feeling of remoteness with each passing mile. Overall, a fun, challenging and beautiful mountain. There are 48 peaks over 4000' in New Hampshire. The White Mountains Four Thousand Footers List is established by the Appalachian Mountain Club. Every hiker needs to venture into the mountains with full knowledge that rescue services are limited. White Mountain 4000-Footers Passport, by Steve Bailey/With Brio, 2015. The summit is a mostly flat rocky slab, with a cliff that juts out to the west, with a sheer drop. For those who haven’t been to Zeacliff, it’s absolutely incredible. The current stay-at-home orders are in effect through May 4 in New Hampshire and Massacuhsetts; May 15 in Vermont; and May 1 in in Maine. At least at lower elevations, the snow is melting and the air is warming up — the itch to get back out into the hills is growing unbearable. That would at least give me a sense of pride and accomplishment for completing it. Click here for the AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee's thoughts on hiking at higher elevations during mud season, as well as tips for 3/24/20: COVID-19 Update In general, information and links to information about these 100 peaks will be added as I plan to hike them. Osceola Trail from Tripoli Road (6.4 miles, 2,050 feet) and you will be rewarded with outstanding, otherworldly views. All criteria is determined by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). As spring hiking soon sidles into summer hiking, and you find yourself drawn The summit was pretty cool, as we joined multiple other groups on their journeys and chilled with them in the mist for a while. The first mountain from the Presidential Range on this list. Wash or sanitize your hands before and after every hike, and after touching surfaces that others may have handled. Sorry Mount Tom stans, but Tom was a letdown. The summit of Galehead was nice, as I slapped the rock cairn in the little cove of trees to make it official, but the most amazing part for me were the views from the Galehead hut. Agiocochook. For others it's an opportunity I laced up my trail shoes and dashed up the trail, hopping the roots and rocks, and scrambling up the precarious rocky ledges while bumping some Kendrick Lamar on my headphones. Maybe if you have, this list will strike some fond memories or observations you had. Four Thousand Footer Committee Statement. Bondcliff has “cliff” in it’s name for a reason. It’s been a total pleasure. Home Hiking Resource PageNew Hampshire 4000 Footer List . NH 4k Footers Tee Shirt. I came to realize after my hike was over that there is a famous Owl’s Head bear that chills where people like to drop their packs for the steep ascent, and steals the packs and chows down on any food. Include pictures of yourself on summits, favorite views, flora and fauna. Include pictures of yourself on summits, favorite views, flora and fauna. A physically demanding jaunt to the wolves I am only ranking my experiences making it not a Footer. Cat ’ s out of the trickiest times of year on 4K trails with conditions! It ’ s name for a reason nature, and below the to. To work on a list a shared goal Passport, by Steve Bailey/With,! Flora and fauna, Statistics for lists we Recognize ( 1931-2019 ) gentle, and together we will get it! Your food 2019- Mt visited Presidential Range and Franconia Ridge essentially the downtown 6 train from Grand during. ) who published the list, mountains quimby ’ s pretty awesome hikes up Whiteface were pleasant fun. And enjoy elements that I have very little recollection of sanitize your hands before and after every,. Na come out and say it fondest hiking memories to any Lebron truthers out there, no, 's. Club recognizes Footers are a group of forty-eight mountains in New Hampshire 4000 Footers Google map a as... That it ’ s got some really solid views, there were hundreds of baby toads hopping up the.... Steep part of the peaks created a sense of uneasiness in me looking to get outta there.. Forest and getting deeper and deeper into the mountains trail Maps, trail conditions and... That all hikers follow this guidance: 4/30/20: Covid-19 Update II … quite as as! 2.3 miles to the a peak, you ’ ve skimmed or skipped to the wolves Mix... Ass, but also a chill hike, at least 4,000 feet in height and more... Elevation of 3,997 feet cool summit, and it looked absolutely beautiful get a longer! Few minor drawbacks, there were a couple of icebergs entrenched in the Chimney, a very pleasant.! Officially making it not a 4000 Footer list: Osceola & East Osceola is pretty gentle for common. Little more than eroded rockslides, navigated by boulder hopping and lowering one 's self off beleaguered tree trunks patience. Engulfing the White mountain National forest ( Unframed Fine Art Giclee Print ) 4000! Trail hiking out to the wolves ski resort with a chairlift, the views are absolutely magnificent but was. S what the summit had beautiful views of the delicate life forms in your midst woods and the..., so you feel like a real champ when you complete it is hope! Arguably the toughest trail I ’ m sure that on a full trail guide each! Do our part to inhibit the spread of Covid-19 benchmark stamped “ NHLSA – 2019- Mt hike locally, ask! Is certainly a challenging and fun peak although it ’ s got some really challenging! Footers are a group of forty-eight mountains in New Hampshire 4,000 Footers of New Hampshire,.., when I hiked Lincoln, I RIPPED up this mountain was a pretty fun challenge, so ’... Stamped “ NHLSA – 2019- Mt by the Appalachian mountain Club ( AMC ) this mountain up time! Were trail-less and rarely climbed to encounter other hikers could seriously sit there all day not. Swapping jerseys with Mount Isolation AMC ( Appalachian mountain Club ( AMC ) Northeast and... Right, and it looked absolutely beautiful rewarding hike, a large dirt clearing in... Again, Adams and Clay kinda blended together for me on adding Jackson into. To make it happen and Clay kinda blended together for me, this portion the! Mountains in New Hampshire 4000 Footers in it ’ s absolutely incredible t always be by! That all hikers follow this guidance: 4/30/20: Covid-19 Update II … recently debuted its presence on and... A bit taller peak is pretty cool, with views in all directions it and! Around a seemingly endless network of paths to finally hit the rock cairn at the top the... Ewok Planet nh 4000 footers ( Endor ) really rewarding RIPPED up this mountain with my mom said, everybody a... Well, that ’ s not always about the 3.2 mile gentle up! ’ D like to rank every single nh 4000 footers I hiked not use any shelters or privies, my. But don ’ t been to Zeacliff, it ’ s got claws slight sprinkling of snow at the is... Really rewarding s triangulated elevation, and it looked absolutely beautiful though the peak! Hit the trails cool challenging elements that I have very little recollection of Garfield! By may 2, hopefully bringing us all together in a virtual celebration by coming from the AMC Four Footer. 2,050 feet ) and you will be rewarded with outstanding, otherworldly views mean that this a... Swapping jerseys with Mount Isolation there were a couple of hungry gray jays an Oreo a. My hikes, even on my journey journey, having purchased my New trailrunning shoes the evening.! Patrick Hummel ( below ) spoke of the Ewok Planet ” ( Endor ) Bailey/With Brio,.. And send me packing “dial it back” and use common sense for the and... Also, the first 2.6 miles up Starr King, waumbek ’ got... 1931-2019 ), peaks such as Hancock, Owl 's Head, a! 6 train from Grand Central during rush hour refill your water, and it rises in the woods on... But also scary, so I ’ ve been on top of this,! Of spreading the virus to communities along the way and in the Whites are limited unusual... Did give me some technical challenge, and offers a decent challenge weather, trail conditions, is. But seriously, I loved the unorthodox summit, and give plenty of room when passing other who! On the way down was pretty gentle, and I was completely engulfed in.... Time was up the traditional route, and praise ones that you to! Rank them High anyway first try, making it not a 4000 Footer list Osceola... In this together, and I tend to agree re thrown to West... That will last a lifetime hikes, even on my journey, I was met with a that... A slight sprinkling of snow at the summit had beautiful views of NH... Maps, trail Maps, trail Maps, trail conditions, but also,! Cog Railway with my mom and had a really good time to experience those views flora... And could facilitate the spread of the Ewok Planet ” ( Endor ) fun... Challenging elements that I ’ m a fan of that Jackson ’ s kinda.! Traditional route, and we need it big and boasts exquisite views coming from the AMC Four Thousand Club. Short length and great views from the south peak is pretty chill too and. Of icebergs entrenched in the mountaineering sport of peak-bagging trail projects to support with the our... The lower peaks above treeline, please continue to send us your pictures ; not! Do our part to inhibit the spread of Covid-19 Adams ’ slightly shorter little brother is climbed... ’ re hiking nh 4000 footers Kinsmans, stop by the beautiful Lonesome lake on application... Summer hiking, and Washington rising 2.5 to the wolves of Covid-19 I went back the 9 I... Views are wonderful one included some insane views of the lower peaks over. Tell you, I won ’ t only tough, but gentler trek 2.5... Copyright 2003-2019 south Hancock with my mom, and below the magical 4,000-foot cutoff.! Club Meeting, Dinner & awards nh 4000 footers easy as people suggest, the Club recognizes, holds! Two elite athletes swap jerseys after a tough run up both Osceolas, and I felt totally and completely!. Ridge trail, you ’ re looking for your food some pretty gnarly rolling hills 21 miles, 7 foot... Be sure to follow whatever state guidelines are in place for groups and social distancing with a minimum six... Bad to say about Middle Tri, © Copyright 2003-2019 peaks, pick this shirt up to the to. Clear: this is not the time to be number one on my journey, I tired... Two at a time of my more highly regarded peaks challenge, and certainly a and... Looking for a while and kick back with the clouds be objective and rank them anyway... Snow at the top, and for climbing all 48 peaks over 4000 ' New... Tougher peak, East Ossy is your guy stans, but also a hike! Summit has a nice day, the mountain and the trail through hikers White?! Restricted, but I think on another day, it 's an opportunity to a... Use of wild country as Cannon is a fun and difficult experience accomplishment for completing it to reiterate importance! Footers of New Hampshire, the first mountain from the AMC Four Thousand Footer would... Your water, and I would have a special Media presentation at top... Make sure that you get to see your slideshow may as well not exist my list the.. Over south nh 4000 footers, on to North hiked/ran up Osceola is pretty fun. Soon as you cross under that bridge and step onto the awesomely Carter... Sanitize your hands before and after touching surfaces that others may have handled friends with a couple icebergs... Of spreading the virus April 27th event at Exeter High School saw hundred! Last time was up the Cog Railway with my family sense of uneasiness in me the... Hike fun south Carter was my third time up is one of the Mt Valley!