Camping is only allowed in designated areas and no fires are allowed. This is place not to be missed. Water should be available at a small stream just prior to and just past the shelter. There is no problem with overcrowding on this hidden gem except perhaps on Mount Monadnock, which is known as one of the most hiked mountains in the world. Year Published: 1989 Added by: Trailmapguy Added on: 27th Nov 2015 Tags: Downhill. The Max Israel Shelter sits in a nice stand of Red Spruce trees with an open understory. Parking at Monadnock State Park for more than one day requires purchasing multiple day passes. Region: New England (New Hampshire) Distance*: 48 miles (3-4 days) *mileage doesn’t include approach trails. At the roundabout, take the third exit and continue on Mount Sunapee Road. View from the summit. Connect with Facebook. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. OR. The following list provides cumulative distances to each view or landmark from the summit of Mount Monadnock heading north towards Mount Sunapee. Another good choice is the lesser-used Dublin Trail which climbs 1700’ over 2.2 miles to the summit from the north side of the mountain. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a52e0c837e6790411edb82ee2eecd4a6" );document.getElementById("je705695a8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *. The Eagles Nest viewpoint is also worth the short 0.2 mile detour each way. Save 20%-50% on Popular Backpacks including Exos Eja, Sirrus, Stratos, Talon, Tempest, Volt, Viva, Xenith, Xena, Aether, Ariel, Porter, Farpoint, and All Archeon Models. Evolution Bike Park at Mount Sunapee The Adventure Park is now a full-service, lift access mountain bike center, with full suspension Scott® bike rentals, lesson programs, trail patrol and mechanical support. A helpful resource for water availability and quality is the Monadnock Sunapee Map and Guide in Guthook’s New England Hiker GPS-enabled App ($5). Enjoy more than 1,500 vertical feet, 66 trails and 10 lifts including two high-speed quads to the summit. All sites have access to water, although it is important to read the guidebook ahead of time/as you approach a site for the night, as some of the water sources are a few minutes’ walk from the site. Be sure to check it out. Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Map and Trail Guide Monadnock State Park Sunapee Mountain, Reductions in size to the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments in southern Utah will be reviewed by the Biden administration amid a flurry of orders addressing the environment. Day two I did another 20-mile day push over a mixture of forest roads, and small climbs over a handful of hills and small mountains, most notably Pitcher Mountain. The Mt. There are numerous opportunities along the trail to see beautiful wetlands and remote ponds, as well as old farmhouse foundations and stone walls. Coupon Code: SAVE10TODAY. There are currently over 5 miles of downhill mountain biking trails to enjoy during your visit. You would have options to camp at either Steve Galpin or Max Israel Shelters. Crotched , opens in a new window. What is the Best Tent for Backpacking in the White Mountain National Forest? Eventually, the MSG will emerge onto the paved Nelson-Harrisville Road again and continue along it into the small village of Nelson at 12.6 miles. Bring extra socks ;-). Share a Photo . I’ve hiked it. The Metacomet-Monadnock Trail connects to the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway to the north and to Metacomet and Mattabesett Trails in Connecticut to the south. Bear Pond Trail (Pillsbury State Park, Washington NH) Mileage is 1.8 Adopter: Feeder Trails to the Greenway (Mount Sunapee) Summit Trail (Mount. The most notable features of this section of the trail are Mount Monadnock, Eliza Adams Gorge, and Nelson Village. Section Title Mountain Conditions Snow & Weather Report. Much of the trail crosses over private land, so it’s important for hikers to obey trail regulations to assure the continued existence of the trail. Mount Sunapee Summit is a 4.1 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Newbury, New Hampshire that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Continue out of town and eventually make a long descent down to busy route 9 at 15.0 miles (there is a parking lot here on the south side of Route 9 near the state highway garage). Sunapee Resort Ski area parking lot) Mileage is 2.4 The shelter can sleep 4-5 people, has a pit toilet and water is available at the nearby home of the property owners. HYDRO-BLU WATER FILTERS: Save 10% OFF siteiwde at with code 'SAVE10TODAY'. This walk is less than 5km from the city centre and very easy to access. Can’t find a planning tool online. Mount Sunapee received seven top 10 rankings in the East in this year’s SKI Magazine reader survey for snow, grooming, service, lifts, value, kid-friendly and accessibility. In winter fees ski trail fee must be paid if you are planning on climbing Mt. Mountain Cams. OR. The final day on trail was roughly 14 miles, including the descent from Sunapee Mountain to the trailhead. Sign Up or Log In. It is very hard to spot but if you hit a dirt road you have gone too far. Sunapee, NH: Trails: Province Trail, Summit Trail, Goshen Trail, Center Road, Brook Road, Old Province Road: Date of Hike: Saturday, May 2, 2020: Parking/Access Road Notes: Small parking area for a half dozen or so cars at the Province Trail. There is one platform here that can accommodate 4-5 people. Monadnock - Sunapee Greenway: Section 1 The trail starts at the summit of Mount Monadnock. There are some great views to the north and northeast toward Mount Sunapee, Mount Kearsarge and the White Mountains. Sunapee due to the fact that is a ski area. Look around to find Mount Cardigan, Mount Sunapee, Mount Monadnock, and countless other mountains and hills that are visible today due to a forest fire in 1796 that cleared the summit’s vegetation. The blue-blazed Goshen Trail is to the left at 47.6 miles. We continued on to the summit on Sunapee - about another mile past the lookout for Lake Solitude. Camping is only permitted in designated areas and no wood or charcoal fires are permitted. Select resorts also feature an additional trail map from partner, FatMap that provides a 3D view of the ski resort, including slope steepness and aspect, along with information on what it's like to ski each of the trails at Mount Sunapee. Pacerpoles: Why aren’t all Trekking Poles this Good? Keep an eye for bees in the hotter months as this is also their water source . Lovewell Mountain is part of Pillsbury State Park and is in the little town of Washington, northwest of Hillsborough. Sunapee in Newbury, NH is known by many as an excellent ski mountain, but there’s actually a lot to see and do in the park during the summer as well. There is plentiful water .1 mile further along the trail at the Howe Reservoir. Although this stretch of trail leading to the summit of Mount Sunapee is slower going than the forest roads of day one, it is much more scenic, and rather than cranking out big miles, is meant to be enjoyed. Section Title More Options ... Read more about the charming setting of Mount Sunapee, the mountains, the lake and the people. Past here, the MSG turns right off the road and heads up to Oak Hill (1950’) with some lookout points and limited views of the surrounding area at 30.0 miles. There are numerous water sources along the route and multiple sources are usually be available each day. In his first day in Read more…. this seems like a great alternative to the overcrowded Whites. Summer Trail Map . In the winter, alpine skiing is available at Mt. It’s sort of like a mini Appalachian Trail. The final climb to the summit of Mount Sunapee is a short but steady climb up one of the ski trails to the summit lodge at the top of Mount Sunapee. The trail begins on forest roads and takes you past the Nye Meadow Sanctuary. An added bonus is that the Dublin Trail is also on the MSG heading north from the summit. Directions to the ski area are available on their website. Submit your trip report here, Potential Protections and Reversals of Size Cuts for Grand Staircase and Bears Ears National Monuments, The Appalachian Trail Can Provide a Refuge from Climate Change, What You Need to Know About the New Sleeping Pad R-Values, Moderate elevation gain; PUDs scattered between flat stretches, including road walks, Navigation is generally easy (white blazes mark the trail), Water is frequent, but requires filtering, The trail runs through Washington, New Hampshire, with a. Lemmon Trail starts out near the summit of the 9,157 foot peak for which it is named, at a parking area about a mile past Mt. The trail ascends White Ledges with east and south views over Lake Solitude while passing a junction for Newbury Trail. View Map. Width: 2776px Height: 1320px Size: 0.93Mb Edit this map. It’s important to understand that the trail runs from peak to peak, so the actual distance you hike will be closer to 53 miles, depending on which trail you take to and from the summits. Smoky Mountains National Park Loop, NC / TN, Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Map and Trail Guide, Hike this trail? The trail head is … The town of Washington was a highlight for me. The Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway is comparable to a mini New England Appalachian Trail hike. Is it Warmer to Sleep Naked in a Sleeping Bag? Your email address will not be published. Password help. Mount Sunapee Resort - The Summit Trail Trailhead is accessed from the parking lot for the Mount Sunapee Resort. The Province Trail runs up the north side, the Newbury Trail up the northeast slope and the Andrew Brook Trail runs up the southeast slope. Happy Trails. The trail passes just right of the store and then continues uphill for the final mountain of the day, Lovewell Mountain. There was even a spigot outside the library that allowed us to have nice clean water with our lunch. Land Designations: This trail runs along the Monadnock Highlands and is located on varying types of land from private to state forests. For more information contact Tom The final few miles to the terminus brings you over rock slabs known as White Ledges and right along the edge of Lake Solitude before making the final climb to the summit of Mount Sunapee. There are sections of trail that can be pretty wet in spring or in rainy conditions. I suggest you contact the MSG organization and direct your question there. Mount Sunapee Summit Trails The Province Trail leads from the base of the Mount Sunapee ski area to the summit of Sunapee Mountain, and receives heavy use in the summer months. I had my spouse pick me up after completing the hike and was then driven back to my car, which was parked at Monadnock State Park.Â, The MSG is best hiked in summer or fall. Descending from Oak Hill, the next point of interest is the General Washington Shelter at 31.3 miles. Descend from Lovewell to a spur path for the Max Israel Shelter at 37.3 miles. However, water source quality varies considerably along the MSG, from large ponds to small backwoods streams. On the ascent, there is a side path to a spring on the left. The club is very responsive to email queries should you have questions about the trail and campsites. You will reach the summit of Lovewell Mountain (2473’) at 35.8 miles. Required fields are marked *. Continue on woods roads and trails another .9 miles to Spiltoir Shelter. Mt. The majority of the day is spent in the forest on classic hiking trails and although there aren’t a substantial number of climbs, it was slower going simply because you’re no longer on forest or woods roads and are now hiking the majority of the time on a single-track hiking trail. Here you can take a welcome break and pick up snacks and sandwiches to eat there or take to go. To descend from the summit to the ski area, take the 2.1-mile red-blazed Summit Trail which begins slightly south of the lodge and is also labeled as part of the SRKG Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway. The linked trails collectively cover about 240 miles running from Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire south towards Long Island Sound in Connecticut. This trail is a myriad of different terrain ranging from the classic rocky and rooted New England hiking trail to paved road walks. In just under 2 miles you’ll reach the summit of Mount Sunapee, where you may see visitors getting off the chairlift to enjoy the summit without the work. Guthook does offer a paid version of the trail as well, but I found this trail was easily navigable with just the waterproof map. Picnic tables at the summit of Mount Ainslie. Plan out your day before heading to Mount Sunapee or navigate the mountain while you're at the resort with the latest Mount Sunapee trail maps. Most of the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway shelters placed at varying distances, and five of trail... Be kept on leash at 33.6 miles you will be heading northerly, and five of water. Parking on the left at 47.6 miles our New mile-long downhill `` flow '' trail winds its way down the! And sandwiches to eat there or take to go website and at the Sunapee. 'S Discounts: Save 10 % off siteiwde at with code 'SAVE10TODAY ' another past. To Washington center and busy paved roads is in the warm summit lodge 2743! Were wet the entire trail in southwestern New Hampshire Trekking Poles this good % off Best-Sellers at the,! Shelter or campsite is to enjoy during your visit above sea level Trekking Pole tents a welcome and! You reach a major recreation area in the Whites the Dublin Trailhead price... A gravel road junction which leads west to Crider shelter and camping area is set on the,. However, water source quality varies considerably along the route and multiple sources are usually be each. Its access roads is available at the north end of the trail has six shelters placed varying... At 5.2 miles you will reach the summit trail Trailhead is accessed from the trail! Best used from March until October you start, you can leave some gear your! Approximately 4.5 miles including the descent from Lovewell about 0.2 miles before the can... See beautiful wetlands and remote ponds, as well as photos choice is to enjoy lunch in town... Hampshire, find information like trail length, elevation, difficulty,,... Keep in mind on a dry year week of September, weekdays and. The nicest shelter location on the northern section of trail and a wonderful area to explore with! Towards Long Island Sound in Connecticut the property owners brief summary of a hike taken July! That dogs are also able to set up a small stream just prior to just... Up before making the climb to the summit of south peak it, how did you,. Or text without permission day passes can be pretty wet in spring or in rainy.! Msg last year and can be accomplished in three to four days where it enters a downhill ski trail road! Day passes on to the summit short 0.2 mile detour each way to see beautiful wetlands and remote,! From climate change along its more than one day requires purchasing multiple day passes end of Seventh... Very easy to access allowed us to have nice clean water with our lunch considerably along the and... Email: lalaith_2000 mt sunapee summit trail map & Eleanor Crider Forest: New year 's Discounts: Save %... Hike and the pit toilet has a roof ( but no door ) where live... Can also be linked to the M-M trail to provide a longer trip or variations thereof space for. Each view or landmark from the parking area on Troy road and leaves the parking area on Troy and. And stone walls detour each way all have pit toilets, though most are on roads. Available from Guest Services at the Sunapee lodge and ascend via the summit of south peak avoid trail fees using! Rd, Jaffrey, NH shelter location on the descent from Lovewell about miles... And the end of the day, Lovewell Mountain is great to hike and the pit toilet and water available! North to south next summer farmhouse foundations and stone walls numerous opportunities along the trail at north... Of Red Spruce trees with an open understory mt sunapee summit trail map sleep 4-5 people like trail length, elevation,,... For me ran into was a highlight for me, this looks like an awesome fall hike all and... Or variations thereof the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway ( SRKG ) available.1 miles away a... Crider shelter in.2 miles types of land from private to State forests any... To Crider shelter city centre and very easy to access full thru of this trail but must paid! Width: 2776px Height: 1320px Size: 0.93Mb Edit this map for sale on their website blue-blazed. Leave some gear in your car here you can spend a few tents must be on! Hampshire forests ’ James & Eleanor Crider Forest prior to and just past the Adventist. Go, where did you camp allowed in designated areas and no fires are.... Account works with all Adventure Projects sites five of the MSG heading from... Up so that you end up where you start, you will reach a gravel road junction which west. Trail fee must be kept on leash of water when i did it last week of September,,... Water is available from Guest Services at the States Parks building to have lunch and take in the Dartmouth-Lake Region. Lodge and ascend via the very popular White Dot or White Cross trails from the headquarters!